Volume 20 Number 11

  • Earthquake early warning for Portugal: part 1 - Where does it matter?

    Vitor Silva, Amir Taherian & Carlos Sousa Oliveira
  • Seismological and engineering characteristics of strong motion data from 24 and 26 September 2019 Marmara Sea earthquakes

    Fatma Sevil Malcioglu, Hakan Süleyman & Eser Çaktı
  • Mapping soil liquefaction susceptibility across Europe using the analytic hierarchy process

    C. Meisina, R. Bonì, F. Bozzoni, D. Conca, Cesare Perotti, Pina Persichillo & C. G. Lai
  • Simulation of soil liquefaction distribution in downtown Mashiki during 2016 Kumamoto earthquake using nonlinear site response

    Jikai Sun, Hiroshi Kawase, Kiyoshi Fukutake, Fumiaki Nagashima & Shinichi Matsushima
  • Earthquake-induced impact scenario assessment for the historical center of Skikda, Algeria

    Mohamed Abdelali Soltane, Mostefa Mimoune & Abdelheq Guettiche
  • Effect of shear strain compatibility and incompatibility approaches in the design of high modulus columns against liquefaction: A case study in Christchurch, New Zealand

    Selçuk Demir & Pelin Özener
  • Exploring the impact of spatial correlations of earthquake ground motions in the catastrophe modelling process: a case study for Italy

    E. Schiappapietra, S. Stripajová, P. Pažák, J. Douglas & G. Trendafiloski
  • Site flatfile of Korea meteorological administration’s seismic stations in Korea

    Hyung-Ik Cho, Moon-Gyo Lee, Jae-Kwang Ahn, Chang-Guk Sun & Han-Saem Kim
  • Latest findings on the behaviour factor q for the seismic design of URM buildings

    P. Morandi, C. Butenweg, K. Breis, K. Beyer & G. Magenes
  • Developing a novel hybrid model for seismic loss prediction of regional-scale buildings

    Qidan Hu, Feng Xiong, Bowen Zhang, Peiyang Su & Yang Lu
  • A procedure for damage-based seismic design of moment frame structures

    Farhad Behnamfar, Ali Hosseini-Rad & Yusef Mesr Habiby
  • Development of analytical seismic fragility functions for the common buildings in Iran

    Zarin Karim Zadeh, Mohsen Ghafory-Ashtiany, Afshin Kalantari & Sahar Shokuhirad
  • Upgrading of reinforced concrete frame using novel detailing technique for progressive collapse prevention

    Qiang Zhang, Yan-Gang Zhao & Lei Xu
  • Seismic strengthening of existing RC buildings with external cross-laminated timber (CLT) walls hosting an integrated energetic and architectural renovation

    Lorenzo Badini, Stephan Ott, Patrik Aondio & Stefan Winter
  • Seismic performance and reinforcement strategy of frame infilled with ESPS block masonry wall: experimental, theoretical and numerical investigation

    Biao Liu, Guo-Liang Bai & Guang-Ming Fu
  • Seismic fragility assessment on the post-mainshock damaged shield building considering aftershock duration and damage ratio

    Chunfeng Zhao, Lei Zhou, Shenjiang Huang & Avinash Gautam
  • Evaluating the efficiency of supplementary rebar system in improving hysteretic damping of self-centering rocking walls

    Maedeh Sadeghi, Farshid Jandaghi Alaee, Habib Akbarzadeh Bengar & Abouzar Jafari
  • Nonlinear behavior simulation of soil-structure interaction system via real-time hybrid testing

    Zhenyun Tang, Hao Liu, Matt Dietz, Charisis T. Chatzigogos & Xiuli Du
  • Response of reinforced mortar-less interlocking brick wall under seismic loading

    Guanyu Xie, Xihong Zhang, Hong Hao, Kaiming Bi & Yuanzheng Lin
  • Effects of near-fault pulse-type ground motions on high-speed railway simply supported bridge and pulse parameter analysis

    Tuo Zhou, Lizhong Jiang, Ping Xiang, Zhipeng Lai, Yuntai Zhang & Xiang Liu
  • Fragility curves for light damage of clay masonry walls subjected to seismic vibrations

    Paul A. Korswagen, Michele Longo & Jan G. Rots
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment and fragility analysis of pre-code masonry buildings in Portugal

    Vasco Bernardo, Alfredo Campos Costa, Paulo Candeias & Aníbal Costa
  • Probabilistic residual capacity assessment of mainshock-damaged multi-span simply supported concrete girder bridges subjected to aftershocks

    Parshan Sedaghati, Mohsen Gerami & Hosein Naderpour
  • Characterization of the Frictional Behavior of Steel-Polymer Interfaces with Pronounced Stick-Slip Effect for Use in Seismic Isolation

    Armando Messina & Eduardo Miranda
  • Shaking table test and numerical analysis of single-layer reticulated domes with or without three-dimensional isolation bearing

    Gui-Bo Nie, Dong-fang Li, Xu-dong Zhi, Fu-yang Wang & Chen-xiao Zhang