Volume 20 Number 12

  • The randomized Gutenberg–Richter model: a recurrence model based on extreme value theory—impacts on probabilistic seismic hazard analyses and comparison with the standard approach

    Anne Dutfoy & Gloria Senfaute
  • Arias intensity attenuation relationship in Sichuan–Yunnan region, China

    Ping Liu & Tongjie Ren
  • Multi-functional solution model for spectrum compatible ground motion record selection using stochastic harmony search algorithm

    Ali Haydar Kayhan, Ahmet Demir & Mehmet Palanci
  • Spectral decomposition of S-waves in investigating regional dependent attenuation and improving site amplification factors: A case study in western Greece

    I. Grendas, N. Theodoulidis, F. Hollender & P. Hatzidimitriou
  • A generalized ground-motion model for consistent mainshock–aftershock intensity measures using successive recurrent neural networks

    Jawad Fayaz & Carmine Galasso
  • Urban seismic scenario-based risk analysis using empirical fragility curves for Kerend-e-gharb after Mw 7.3, 2017 Iran earthquake

    Mahnoosh Biglari & Antonio Formisano
  • Investigation of seismic response of liquefiable canyon ground considering topography effect

    Libo Xie, Lei Su, Hua-Ping Wan & Xianzhang Ling
  • Seismic performance validation for RC building structures damaged by Durres earthquake, Mw6.4, 26 November 2019, Albania

    M. Vitanova, A. Bogdanovic, Z. Bozinovski, K. Edip, J. Bojadjieva, E. Delova & T. Zafirov
  • A simplified component-based methodology for the seismic vulnerability assessment of school buildings using nonlinear static procedures: application to RC school buildings

    Rafael Fernández, Luis Yamin, Dina D’Ayala, Rohit Adhikari, Juan C. Reyes, Juan Echeverry & Gustavo Fuentes
  • Track structural damage index for high-speed railway girder bridges considering residual deformations due to earthquake

    Zhangliang Hu, Biao Wei, Lizhong Jiang, Shanshan Li & Haozheng Min
  • A risk-based evaluation of direct displacement-based design

    Luke van der Burg, Mohsen Kohrangi, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos & Paolo Bazzurro
  • Computer vision-based automated stiffness loss estimation for seismically damaged non-ductile reinforced concrete moment frames

    Mohammadjavad Hamidia & Amirhossein Ganjizadeh
  • Seismic response distribution expressions for rocking building contents under ordinary ground motions

    A. K. Kazantzi, C. G. Lachanas & D. Vamvatsikos
  • Response of nonconforming RC shear walls with smooth bars under quasi-static cyclic loading

    Muhammed Nadir Olabi, Naci Caglar, Mehmet Emin Arslan, Hakan Ozturk, Aydin Demir, Gokhan Dok & Batuhan Aykanat
  • Dynamic and probabilistic seismic performance assessment of precast prestressed reinforced concrete frames incorporating slab influence through three-dimensional spatial model

    Xu-Yang Cao, Cheng-Zhuo Xiong, De-Cheng Feng & Gang Wu
  • Performance of seismic steel beam–column moment joints

    Edgar Tapia-Hernández, Alejandro Santiago-Flores & Héctor Guerrero-Bobadilla
  • Seismic deformation of reinforced concrete piers corroded by saline soil

    Yihan Deng, Changwang Yan, Jie Li, Shuguang Liu, Ju Zhang & Jianjun Wang
  • Quantifying the impact of normalized period on seismic demand model of ductile columns under pulse-like ground motions

    Jian Zhong, Tao Yang & Wei Wang
  • The influence of the geometrical features on the seismic response of historical churches reinforced by different cross lam roof-solutions

    Nicola Longarini, Pietro Crespi & Marco Zucca
  • Seismic fragility assessment of building-type structures in oil refineries

    A. K. Kazantzi, N. D. Karaferis, V. E. Melissianos, K. Bakalis & D. Vamvatsikos
  • Seismic fragility assessment of high-rise stacks in oil refineries

    N. D. Karaferis, A. K. Kazantzi, V. E. Melissianos, K. Bakalis & D. Vamvatsikos
  • Fragility analysis of bridge pier supported on rocking shallow foundation under earthquake loading

    B. S. Deviprasad, Ramanandan Saseendran & G. R. Dodagoudar
  • Control of Difference of Seismic Response across Different Spans of high-speed railway multi-spans simply supported bridge

    Yuntai Zhang, Lizhong Jiang, Wangbao Zhou, Zhipeng Lai, Xiang Liu, Kang Peng, Zheng Wang & Yulin Feng
  • Seismic performance of pre-fabricated segmental bridges with an innovative layered-UHPC connection

    Ruilong WANG, Biao MA & Xu CHEN
  • Comparison study of time-varying seismic fragility of precast segmental and cast-in-place bridge columns in high-speed railway bridges

    Yan Liang, Qinghe Li, Panjie Li, Jingxiao Shu & Yang Cao
  • An emulative cast-in-place monolithic bridge column assembled with precast segments and UHPC materials

    Mi Zhou, Guoqiang Zhu, Jianwei Song, Hang Zeng & George C. Lee