Volume 20 Number 13

  • A probabilistic deformation-based seismic hazard model for Iran

    A. Lotfi, H. Zafarani & A. Khodaverdian
  • Influence of site-specific strong-motion duration on structural performance

    Alhelí S. López-Castañeda, Eduardo Reinoso & J. Osvaldo Martín del Campo
  • 3D seismic response characteristics of a pile-mat-founded AP1000 nuclear-island building considering nonlinear hysteretic behavior of soil

    Guoxing Chen, Shengdong Zhu, Weiyun Chen, Xiaojun Li & Charng Hsein Juang
  • Exploratory factor analysis-based method to develop compound intensity measures for predicting potential structural damage of ground motion

    Bali Liu, Jinjun Hu & Lili Xie
  • Exposure knowledge impact on regional seismic risk assessment of bridge portfolios

    Andres Abarca, Ricardo Monteiro & Gerard J. O’Reilly
  • Risk-based overall seismic robustness assessment of cold-formed steel structures considering vulnerability and fragility

    Liqiang Jiang & Jihong Ye
  • Experimental and numerical seismic assessment of non-ductile reinforced concrete (RC) columns strengthened with glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP)

    Kittipoom Rodsin, Tahir Mehmood, Kristijan Kolozvari, Adnan Nawaz, Qazi Samiullah & Rattapoohm Parichatprecha
  • Fragility analysis of structural pounding between adjacent structures arranged in series with various alignment configurations under near-field earthquakes

    Fahimeh Ebrahimiyan, Mohammad Ali Hadianfard, Hosein Naderpour & Robert Jankowski
  • Analysis of floor-to-column pounding of buildings founded on different soil types

    Mahmoud Miari & Robert Jankowski
  • A novel compatible truss-arch model to predict shear strength of concrete-encased steel composite columns

    Yicong Xue, Chongxin Shang, Yong Yang, Yunlong Yu & Zhanjie Wang
  • Shake-table tests of BFRP-reinforced geopolymer concrete segmental columns

    Chao Li, Kaiming Bi, Hong Hao, Haoran Zuo & Tin V. Do
  • Correction to: Shake-table tests of BFRP-reinforced geopolymer concrete segmental columns

    Chao Li, Kaiming Bi, Hong Hao, Haoran Zuo & Tin V. Do
  • Shear demand and inelastic displacement capacity of RC walls of different lengths forming a structural system

    Patricio Quintana Gallo, Farhad Dashti, Martín Caballero & Rocío Álvarez
  • A nonlinear macromodel for simulating the in-plane behavior of unreinforced masonry (URM) infilled frames

    S. M. Naheed Adnan, Kazuto Matsukawa, Yuji Haga, Md Monzurul Islam & Yoshiaki Nakano
  • Numerical investigation on p–y method of group piles under static and dynamic loads

    Mehmet ömer Timurağaoğlu, Yasin Fahjan & Adem Doğangün
  • Development and experimental validation of a new self-centering HF2V damper with disc springs

    Mehdi Abdeli Bisafar & Alireza Manafpour
  • Cyclic and monotonic performance of stiffened extended end-plate connections with large-sized bolts and thin end-plates

    Yasin Onuralp Özkılıç
  • Validation of a practice-oriented floor spectra formulation through actual data from the 2016/2017 Central Italy earthquake

    Stefania Degli Abbati, Serena Cattari & Sergio Lagomarsino
  • Genealogy of development and codification of Yugoslavian earthquake resistant design

    Zoran Milutinovic, Radmila Salic Makreska, Daniel Tomic & Jovan Trajcevski
  • Multiscale procedure to assign structural damage levels in masonry buildings from observed or numerically simulated seismic performance

    Serena Cattari & Michele Angiolilli
  • Extension of the improved upper-bound pushover analysis for seismic assessment of steel moment resisting frames with setbacks

    Abdallah Yacine Rahmani, Mohamed Badaoui, Nouredine Bourahla & Rita Bento
  • Numerical and analytical methods for the design of beam-column sub-assemblies with composite deck slab

    Tushar Chaudhari, Gregory MacRae, Des Bull, G. Charles Clifton & Stephen J. Hicks
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete buildings having nonlinear fluid viscous dampers

    Mehdi Mokhtari & Hosein Naderpour