Volume 21 Number 1

  • Methods for assessing the epistemic uncertainty captured in ground-motion models

    Guillermo Aldama-Bustos, John Douglas, Fleur O. Strasser, Manuela Daví & Alice MacGregor
  • A comparison of nonergodic ground-motion models based on geographically weighted regression and the integrated nested laplace approximation

    Nicolas Kuehn
  • Near-source ground motion estimation for assessing the seismic hazard of critical facilities in central Italy

    Luca Moratto, Marco Santulin, Alberto Tamaro, Angela Saraò, Alessandro Vuan & Alessandro Rebez
  • Variations in uniform hazard spectra and disaggregated scenarios during earthquake sequences

    Alireza Azarbakht & John Douglas
  • Validation of physics-based ground shaking scenarios for empirical fragility studies: the case of the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake

    A. Rosti, C. Smerzini, R. Paolucci, A. Penna & M. Rota
  • Parametric study of topographic effect on train-bridge interaction of a continuous rigid frame bridge during earthquakes

    Hong Qiao, Zuhao Dai, Xianting Du, Chenyu Wang, Peiheng Long & Chiyu Jiao
  • Influence of soil–structure interaction on seismic demands of historic masonry structure of Kashan Grand Bazaar

    Amir H. Lazizi & Hossein Tahghighi
  • Settlements and angular distortions of shallow foundations on liquefiable soil

    Anna Baris, Giuseppe Modoni, Luca Paolella, Erminio Salvatore & Rose Line Spacagna
  • Effect of damping model and inelastic deformation on the prediction of vertical seismic acceleration demand on steel frames

    Nadia Gremer, Christoph Adam & Thomas Furtmüller
  • Yield displacement charts for performance-based seismic design

    Enrique Hernández-Montes, María L. Jalón, Juan Chiachío & Luisa María Gil-Martín
  • Seismic resilience enhancement of MDOF systems utilizing a hybrid TMD-TLD

    Amiya Pandit, Abdollah Malekjafarian, Ehsan Noroozinejad Farsangi & Saleema Panda
  • Machine learning-based predictive models for equivalent damping ratio of RC shear walls

    Siamak Tahaei Yaghoubi, Zeynep Tuna Deger, Gulsen Taskin & Fatih Sutcu
  • An improved rapid visual screening method for seismic vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete buildings in Indian Himalayan region

    Yati Aggarwal & Sandip Kumar Saha
  • Feasibility of a nonlinear spectral approach for peak floor acceleration of multi-story bilinear hysteretic buildings

    Yang Xiang, Yu-Jian Zhang, Fei Xu & Guo-Qiang Li
  • Response parameters that control the service, safety and collapse performances of a 253 m tall concrete core wall building in Istanbul

    Erhan Budak, Halûk Sucuoğlu & Ozan Cem Celik
  • Fragility curves of Italian school buildings: derivation from L’Aquila 2009 earthquake damage via observational and heuristic approaches

    Marco Di Ludovico, Serena Cattari, Gerardo Verderame, Ciro Del Vecchio, Daria Ottonelli, Carlo Del Gaudio, Andrea Prota & Sergio Lagomarsino
  • Performance-based assessment of slender reinforced concrete columns typical of precast industrial buildings

    M. Deyanova, D. Bellotti, R. Nascimbene & S. Pampanin
  • Nonlinear analytical modeling of mass-timber buildings with post-tensioned rocking walls

    Angelo Aloisio, Marco Martino Rosso, Da Huang, Asif Iqbal, Massimo Fragiacomo & Shiling Pei
  • Probabilistic assessment of SMRFs with infill masonry walls incorporating nonlinear soil-structure interaction

    F. Kazemi, N. Asgarkhani & R. Jankowski
  • Experimental investigation on new mechanical systems effectiveness to reduce the coupling beam damages

    Hasan Sesli, Metin Hüsem, Fezayil Sunca, Ahmet Can Altunışık & Fatih Yesevi Okur
  • Seismic fragility assessment of bridges with as-built and retrofitted splice-deficient columns

    Eyitayo A. Opabola & Sujith Mangalathu
  • Seismic response of a motorway bridge founded in an active landslide: a case study

    Antonios Mantakas, Angelos Tsatsis, Marianna Loli, Rallis Kourkoulis & George Gazetas
  • Systems thinking approach to community buildings resilience considering utility networks, interactions, and access to essential facilities

    Ghazanfar Ali Anwar, You Dong & Min Ouyang
  • Correction to: Seismic response of a small-scale masonry groin vault: experimental investigation by performing quasi-static and shake table tests

    N. Bianchini, N. Mendes, C. Calderini, P. X. Candeias, M. Rossi & P. B. Lourenço