Volume 16 Number 1

  • Peak ground accelerations from large (M ≥ 7.2) shallow crustal earthquakes: a comparison with predictions from eight recent ground-motion models

    John Douglas, David M. Boore
  • Broadband ground-motion simulation of the 24 May 2014 Gokceada (North Aegean Sea) earthquake (Mw 6.9) in NW Turkey considering local soil effects

    Ozlem Karagoz, Kosuke Chimoto, Hiroaki Yamanaka, Oguz Ozel, Seckin Citak
  • Ground-motion models for average spectral acceleration in a period range: direct and indirect methods

    Mohsen Kohrangi, Sreeram Reddy Kotha, Paolo Bazzurro
  • Apparent translational component for rotational ground motions

    Gopala Krishna Rodda, Dhiman Basu
  • Evaluation of liquefaction potential in an intermountain Quaternary lacustrine basin (Fucino basin, central Italy)

    Paolo Boncio, Sara Amoroso, Giovanna Vessia, Marco Francescone, Mauro Nardone, Paola Monaco, Daniela Famiani, Deborah Di Naccio, Alessia Mercuri, Maria Rosaria Manuel, Fabrizio Galadini, Giuliano Milana
  • The effect of foundation flexibility variation on system response of dynamic soil–structure interaction: an analytical solution

    Liguo Jin, Jianwen Liang
  • Substructuring stability analysis in light of comprehensive transfer system dynamics

    Zhenyun Tang, Matt Dietz, Zhenbao Li
  • Convex model-based calculation of robust seismic fragility curves of isolated continuous girder bridge

    X. H. Long, Z. Y. Xie, J. Fan, Y. Miao
  • Seismic design of floor–wall joints of multi-storey CLT buildings to comply with regularity in elevation

    Davide Trutalli, Luca Pozza
  • Earthquake loss assessment of precast RC industrial structures in Tuscany (Italy)

    Daniela Rodrigues, Helen Crowley, Vitor Silva
  • Optimal intensity measures for probabilistic seismic demand modeling of extended pile-shaft-supported bridges in liquefied and laterally spreading ground

    Xiaowei Wang, Abdollah Shafieezadeh, Aijun Ye
  • Precast industrial buildings in Southern Europe: loss of support at frictional beam-to-column connections under seismic actions

    Cristoforo Demartino, Ivo Vanzi, Giorgio Monti, Concetta Sulpizio
  • Experimental validation of seismic retrofit solutions for URM chimneys

    Marta Giaretton, Jason M. Ingham, Dmytro Dizhur
  • An improved upper-bound pushover procedure for seismic assessment of high-rise moment resisting steel frames

    Abdallah Yacine Rahmani, Nouredine Bourahla, Rita Bento, Mohamed Badaoui
  • Models of the flexure-controlled strength, stiffness and cyclic deformation capacity of rectangular RC columns with smooth bars, including lap-splicing and FRP jackets

    Sofia Grammatikou, Michael N. Fardis, Dionysis Biskinis
  • A simplified methodology for the seismic assessment of masonry buildings with RC slabs

    Jorge M. Proença, António S. Gago, Filipa Chaves
  • Prediction of inter-storey drifts for regular RC structures with masonry infills based on bare frame modelling

    Sanja Hak, Paolo Morandi, Guido Magenes
  • Blind prediction of in-plane and out-of-plane responses for a thin singly reinforced concrete flanged wall specimen

    Farhad Dashti, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Stefano Pampanin
  • Numerical estimation of site effects in the city of Arica due to natural soil variability using the spectral elements method

    A. Muñoz, E. Sáez
  • Seismic behavior of self-centering reinforced concrete wall enabled by superelastic shape memory alloy bars

    Bin Wang, Songye Zhu
  • Moderate ductility of the bracing joints with preloaded bolts

    Alper Kanyilmaz