Volume 16 Number 3

  • Earthquake-Rotated Objects (EROs) induced by the 2016 Mw6.0 Amatrice (Central Italy) earthquake: the contribution from site and source effects

    Luigi Cucci, Anna Maria Lombardi, Andrea Tertulliani
  • Probabilistic blind identification of site effects from ground surface signals

    S. F. Ghahari, F. Abazarsa, E. Taciroglu
  • Near-source effects and non-linear site response at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, in the 2007 Chuetsu-Oki earthquake: evidence from surface and downhole records and 1D numerical simulations

    Filippo Gatti, Fernando Lopez-Caballero, Roberto Paolucci, Didier Clouteau
  • Assessing the impact of earthquake scenarios in transportation networks: the Portuguese mining factory case study

    Catarina Costa, Vitor Silva, Paolo Bazzurro
  • τ ps , a new magnitude scaling parameter for earthquake early warning

    Reza Heidari
  • Ground motions and scaling techniques for 3D performance based seismic assessment of an industrial steel structure

    Francesco Morelli, Raffaele Laguardia, Marco Faggella, Andrea Piscini, Rosario Gigliotti, Walter Salvatore
  • Capacity, damage and fragility models for steel buildings: a probabilistic approach

    Sergio A. Díaz, Luis G. Pujades, Alex H. Barbat, Diego A. Hidalgo-Leiva, Yeudy F. Vargas-Alzate
  • Experimental and numerical study on the hysteretic behavior of composite partially restrained steel frame-reinforced concrete infill walls with vertical slits

    Guohua Sun, Qiang Gu, Qicai Li, Youzhen Fang
  • Retrofitting of pinned beam–column connections in RC precast frames using lead extrusion dampers

    Cihan Soydan, Ercan Yüksel, Erdal İrtem
  • Refined dynamic progressive collapse analysis of RC structures

    You-Lin Xu, Yue Zheng, Quan Gu
  • Capacity estimation of FRP strengthened RC beam-column joints using hierarchy of strength assessment

    Ali Sahin Tasligedik
  • Seismic assessment of a heavy-timber frame structure with ring-doweled moment-resisting connections

    Leonardo G. Rodrigues, Jorge M. Branco, Luís A. C. Neves, André R. Barbosa
  • Experimental observations on the in-plane behaviour of masonry wall infilled RC frames; focusing on deformation limits and backbone curve

    Hamood Alwashali, Yuta Torihata, Kiwoong Jin, Masaki Maeda
  • Damage patterns in the town of Amatrice after August 24th 2016 Central Italy earthquakes

    Gabriele Fiorentino, Angelo Forte, Enrico Pagano, Fabio Sabetta, Carlo Baggio, Davide Lavorato, Camillo Nuti, Silvia Santini
  • Characterization of the expected seismic damage for a critical infrastructure: the case of the oil pipeline in Friuli Venezia Giulia (NE Italy)

    Alberto Tamaro, Stefano Grimaz, Marco Santulin, Dario Slejko
  • Probabilistic seismic assessment and retrofit considerations for Italian RC frame buildings

    Gerard J. O’Reilly, Timothy J. Sullivan
  • Seismic retrofit of masonry wall infilled RC frames through external post-tensioning

    Gholamreza Soltanzadeh, Hanim Bin Osman, Mohammadreza Vafaei, Yousef Karimi Vahed
  • Evaluation of different approaches for the estimation of the seismic vulnerability of masonry towers

    Vasilis Sarhosis, Gabriele Milani, Antonio Formisano, Francesco Fabbrocino
  • Assessment of Frequency versus Time Domain enhanced technique for response-only modal dynamic identification under seismic excitation

    Fabio Pioldi, Egidio Rizzi
  • Seismic risk assessment of buried steel gas pipelines under seismic wave propagation based on fragility analysis

    Vahid Jahangiri, Hamzeh Shakib
  • Overturning of rigid blocks for earthquake excitation

    Tamás Ther, László P. Kollár
  • Real data and numerical simulations-based approaches for estimating the dynamic characteristics of a tunnel formwork building

    Bojana Petrovic, S. Umit Dikmen, Stefano Parolai