Volume 16 Number 7

  • Analysis in seismic provisions for buildings: past, present and future

    Peter Fajfar
  • Seismic risk assessment at urban scale from 3D physics-based numerical modeling: the case of Thessaloniki

    Chiara Smerzini, Kyriazis Pitilakis
  • An analytical solution for the Bayesian estimation of ground motion from macroseismic intensity data

    Mario Ordaz, Emilia Fiorini, Paolo Bazzurro
  • Strong-motion processing service: a tool to access and analyse earthquakes strong-motion waveforms

    R. Puglia, E. Russo, L. Luzi, M. D’Amico, C. Felicetta, F. Pacor, G. Lanzano
  • Ground motion prediction equations for Algeria and surrounding region using site classification based H/V spectral ratio

    Nasser Laouami, Abdennasser Slimani, Said Larbes
  • Correction to: Ground motion prediction equations for Algeria and surrounding region using site classification based H/V spectral ratio

    Nasser Laouami, Abdennasser Slimani, Said Larbes
  • Coherency model for translational and rotational ground motions

    Gopala Krishna Rodda, Dhiman Basu
  • Significance of directivity effects during the 2011 Lorca earthquake in Spain

    Carlos Gordo-Monsó, Eduardo Miranda
  • Site effects using methods based on lateral homogeneity and laterally heterogeneous media: An impossible marriage?

    Francisco J. Chávez-García, Maria V. Manakou, Fabrice Hollender, Dimitris G. Raptakis
  • Effects of basements and adjacent structures on liquefaction-triggering potential of foundation soils

    Berna Unutmaz
  • Non-linear analysis of the Carmine bell tower under seismic actions accounting for soil–foundation–structure interaction

    Filomena de Silva, Francesca Ceroni, Stefania Sica, Francesco Silvestri
  • Seismic safety assessment of a masonry building according to Italian Guidelines on Cultural Heritage: simplified mechanical-based approach and pushover analysis

    Claudia Casapulla, Luca Umberto Argiento, Alessandra Maione
  • Out-of-plane shaketable testing of unreinforced masonry walls in two-way bending

    Jaroslav Vaculik, Michael C. Griffith
  • Simplified survey form of unreinforced masonry buildings calibrated on data from the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake

    Maria Zucconi, Rachele Ferlito, Luigi Sorrentino
  • Seismic response of a historic church considering pounding phenomena

    Charilaos A. Maniatakis, Constantine C. Spyrakos, Panagiotis D. Kiriakopoulos, Kiriakos-Panayiotis Tsellos
  • RC infilled building performance against the evidence of the 2016 EEFIT Central Italy post-earthquake reconnaissance mission: empirical fragilities and comparison with the FAST method

    Flavia De Luca, Gregory E. D. Woods, Carmine Galasso, Dina D’Ayala
  • Assessment of structural damage detection methods for steel structures using full-scale experimental data and nonlinear analysis

    Seong-Hoon Hwang, Dimitrios G. Lignos
  • Seismic performance of alternative risk-reduction retrofit strategies to support decision making

    Veronica Ligabue, Stefano Pampanin, Marco Savoia
  • Fragility analysis of the nave macro-element of the Cathedral of Santiago, Chile

    Wilson Torres, José Luis Almazán, Cristián Sandoval, Fernando Peña
  • Case study on seismic behavior of aseismically designed reinforced concrete frame structures

    Resat Oyguc, Evrim Oyguc, Gokce Tonuk
  • Seismic analysis and retrofit of the oldest R/C elevated water tank in Florence

    Gloria Terenzi, Elena Rossi
  • Identification of the nonlinear seismic response of buildings by a combined Stockwell Transform and deconvolution interferometry approach

    Giovanna Pianese, Bojana Petrovic, Stefano Parolai, Roberto Paolucci
  • Experimental cyclic response assessment of partially grouted reinforced clay brick masonry walls

    Cristián Sandoval, Sebastián Calderón, José Luis Almazán
  • Online tuning of fractional order fuzzy PID controller in smart seismic isolated structures

    Abbas-Ali Zamani, Saeed Tavakoli, Sadegh Etedali, Jafar Sadeghi
  • Self-adaptive approach for optimisation of passive control systems for seismic resistant buildings

    Yasser Eljajeh, Mihail Petkovski