Volume 16 Number 9

  • Prediction of the number of equivalent cycles for earthquake motion

    Massimina Castiglia, Filippo Santucci de Magistris
  • Sensitivity of ground motion coherency to the choice of time windows from a dense seismic array in Argostoli, Greece

    A. Imtiaz, C. Cornou, P.-Y. Bard
  • Development of a simplified model for pore water pressure build-up induced by cyclic loading

    Anna Chiaradonna, Giuseppe Tropeano, Anna d’Onofrio, Francesco Silvestri
  • The effect of soil–structure interaction on the seismic risk to buildings

    Farid Khosravikia, Mojtaba Mahsuli, Mohammad Ali Ghannad
  • Quantification of the amplitude variability of the ground motion in Argostoli, Greece. Variability of linear and non-linear structural response of a single degree of freedom system

    E. Koufoudi, C. Cornou, S. Grange, F. Dufour, A. Imtiaz
  • Damage classification and derivation of damage probability matrices from L’Aquila (2009) post-earthquake survey data

    A. Rosti, M. Rota, A. Penna
  • Effect of travelling waves on stochastic seismic response and dynamic reliability of a long-span bridge on soft soil

    Min Xiong, Yu Huang, Qian Zhao
  • Effects of uncertain characteristic periods of ground motions on seismic vulnerabilities of a continuous track–bridge system of high-speed railway

    Biao Wei, Tianhan Yang, Lizhong Jiang, Xuhui He
  • An earthquake-source-based metric for seismic fragility analysis

    Alin Radu, Mircea Grigoriu
  • Probabilistic assessment of structural operational efficiency in emergency limit conditions: the I.OPà.CLE method

    Mauro Dolce, Elena Speranza, Flavio Bocchi, Chiara Conte
  • Site-specific seismic design of damage tolerant structural systems using a novel concept

    Hamoon Azizsoltani, J. Ramon Gaxiola-Camacho, Achintya Haldar
  • Evaluation of plan configuration irregularity effects on seismic response demands of L-shaped MRF buildings

    Shehata E. Abdel Raheem, Momen M. M. Ahmed, Mohamed M. Ahmed, Aly G. A. Abdel-shafy
  • Assessment of the influence of horizontal diaphragms on the seismic performance of vernacular buildings

    Javier Ortega, Graça Vasconcelos, Hugo Rodrigues, Mariana Correia
  • A database of the structural behavior of masonry in shear

    Marco Corradi, Antonio Borri
  • Experimental study on seismic behavior of Un-Reinforced Masonry (URM) brick walls strengthened with shotcrete

    M. Shabdin, Nader K. A. Attari, M. Zargaran
  • Seismic vulnerability scenarios of Unreinforced Masonry churches in New Zealand

    T. Goded, A. Lewis, M. Stirling
  • Dowel connections securing roof-diaphragms to perimeter walls in historic masonry buildings and in-field testing for capacity assessment

    Alessandra Marini, Ezio Giuriani, Andrea Belleri, Stefania Cominelli
  • Shake table tests on RC frame infilled by slitted masonry panels

    Terry Y. P. Yuen, Han-hui Zhang, J. S. Kuang, Qunxian Huang
  • Local effects on RC frames induced by AAC masonry infills through FEM simulation of in-plane tests

    Riccardo R. Milanesi, Paolo Morandi, Guido Magenes
  • Cantilever beam analogy for modal analysis of rocking core-moment frames

    Nima Rahgozar, Abdolreza S. Moghadam, Armin Aziminejad
  • Seismic behaviour of regular reinforced concrete plane frames with fiber reinforced concrete in joints

    L. Candido, F. Micelli
  • Seismic performance of precast concrete shear wall structure with improved assembly horizontal wall connections

    Wei Wang, Aiqun Li, Xingxing Wang
  • An adjusted design approach for concentrically braced frames in low-to-moderate seismicity areas

    Alper Kanyilmaz, Hervé Degée, Carlo Andrea Castiglioni
  • Subassemblage tests and design of steel channels assembled buckling-restrained braces

    Yan-Lin Guo, Jing-Zhong Tong, Xiao-An Wang, Peng Zhou
  • Intensity measures for the seismic response assessment of plain concrete arch bridges

    Vahid Jahangiri, Mahdi Yazdani, Mohammad Sadegh Marefat
  • Improving total-building seismic performance using linear fluid viscous dampers

    Giuseppe Marcantonio Del Gobbo, Anthony Blakeborough, Martin S. Williams
  • Combined horizontal–vertical seismic isolation system for high-voltage–power transformers: development, testing and validation

    Donghun Lee, Michael C. Constantinou
  • Strength and stiffness parameters of energy dissipation devices for the seismic protection of building on soft soils

    J. M. Jara, B. A. Olmos, G. Martínez
  • Optimal design of isolation devices for mid-rise steel moment frames using performance based methodology

    Jian Zhang, Zhan Shu