Volume 16 Number 11

  • Determination of source, path and site parameters based on non-linear inversion of accelerometric data in Greece

    I. Grendas, N. Theodoulidis, P. Hatzidimitriou, B. Margaris, S. Drouet
  • Duration effect of near-fault pulse-like ground motions and identification of most suitable duration measure

    Guiqiang Guo, Dixiong Yang, Yunhe Liu
  • Historical intermediate-depth earthquakes in the southern Aegean Sea Benioff zone: modeling their anomalous macroseismic patterns with stochastic ground-motion simulations

    Ch. Kkallas, C. B. Papazachos, D. Boore, Ch. Ventouzi, B. N. Margaris
  • Threshold seismic energy and liquefaction distance limit during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake

    Yan-Guo Zhou, Kai Liu, Dao-Sheng Ling, Tao Shen, Yun-Min Chen
  • Comparison between cyclic and dynamic rocking behavior for embedded shallow foundation using centrifuge tests

    Kil-Wan Ko, Jeong-Gon Ha, Heon-Joon Park, Dong-Soo Kim
  • On the number of required response history analyses

    Jalal Kiani, Charles Camp, Shahram Pezeshk
  • Cyclic loading test of self-centering precast segmental unbonded posttensioned UHPFRC bridge columns

    Jingquan Wang, Zhen Wang, Yuchuan Tang, Tongxu Liu, Jian Zhang
  • An adaptive modal pushover analysis procedure (VMPA-A) for buildings subjected to bi-directional ground motions

    M. Sürmeli, E. Yüksel
  • Retrofit of non-seismically designed beam-column joints by post-tensioned superelastic shape memory alloy bars

    Özgür Yurdakul, Onur Tunaboyu, Özgür Avşar
  • Cyclic testing of a full-scale two-storey reinforced precast concrete wall-slab-wall structure

    E. Brunesi, S. Peloso, R. Pinho, R. Nascimbene
  • Extension of the effective modal seismic design method to generally irregular RC wall structures

    Philip J. Wilkinson, Oren Lavan
  • Generating damping modification factors after artificial inputs in scenarios of local records scarcity

    Carlos M. Piscal A., Francisco López-Almansa
  • A three-dimensional drift pushover method for unsymmetrical plan buildings

    Mehdi Karimi, Farhad Behnamfar
  • An efficient fiber beam-column element considering flexure–shear interaction and anchorage bond-slip effect for cyclic analysis of RC structures

    De-Cheng Feng, Jun Xu
  • A statistical assessment on global drift ratio demands of mid-rise RC buildings using code-compatible real ground motion records

    Mehmet Palanci, Ali Haydar Kayhan, Ahmet Demir
  • Eccentric installation of splice plates for compressive strength improvement of rectangular hollow section braces

    Hiroshi Tagawa, Yuki Tanaka, Shohei Moriwake
  • Seismic performance of modular steel frames equipped with shape memory alloy braces

    Papia Sultana, Maged A. Youssef
  • Nonlinear modeling of cyclic response of RC beam–column joints reinforced by plain bars

    Mahdi Adibi, Mohammad S. Marefat, Reza Allahvirdizadeh
  • Seismic response and energy dissipation of 3D complex steel buildings considering the influence of interior semi-rigid connections: low- medium- and high-rise

    Alfredo Reyes-Salazar, José M. Sauceda-Pimentel, Sonia E. Ruiz, Edén Bojórquez, Juan Bojorquez
  • A novel non-iterative direct displacement-based seismic design procedure for self-centering buckling-restrained braced frame structures

    Lu Liu, Shuang Li, Junxian Zhao
  • Sliding channel cladding connections for precast structures subjected to earthquake action

    Bruno Dal Lago, Marco Lamperti Tornaghi
  • An optimum model reference adaptive control algorithm for smart base-isolated structures

    Dongbin Zhang, Peng Pan, Yi Zeng
  • Copula-based seismic fragility assessment of base-isolated structures under near-fault forward-directivity ground motions

    Tong Zhou, Ai-Qun Li, Yi-Feng Wu