Volume 16 Number 12

  • Probabilistic seismic hazard model for Cairo, Egypt: estimates and uncertainties

    Ashraf Adly, Laurentiu Danciu, Donat Fäh, Valerio Poggi, Awad Omran, Awad Hassoup
  • Towards a microzonation of the Greater Beirut area: an instrumental approach combining earthquake and ambient vibration recordings

    Marleine Brax, Pierre-Yves Bard, Anne-Marie Duval,Etienne Bertrand, Muhsin-Elie Rahhal, Rachid Jomaa, Cécile Cornou, Christophe Voisin, Alexandre Sursock
  • Hazard-dependent soil factors for site-specific elastic acceleration response spectra of Italian and European seismic building codes

    G. Andreotti, A. Famà, C. G. Lai
  • Key factors affecting prediction of seismic pore water pressures in silty sands based on damage parameter

    Daniela D. Porcino, Giuseppe Tomasello, Valentina Diano
  • Evaluation of the dynamic p–yp loops of pile-supported structures on sloping ground

  • Proposal of an empirical site classification method based on target simulated horizontal over vertical spectral ratio

    Nasser Laouami, Mohamed Hadid, Noureddine Mezouar
  • Empirical seismic vulnerability assessment of Icelandic buildings affected by the 2000 sequence of earthquakes

    Ioanna Ioannou, Bjarni Bessason, Ioannis Kosmidis, Jón Örvar Bjarnason, Tiziana Rossetto
  • The Italian guidelines for seismic risk classification of constructions: technical principles and validation

    Edoardo Cosenza, Ciro Del Vecchio, Marco Di Ludovico, Mauro Dolce, Claudio Moroni, Andrea Prota, Emanuele Renzi
  • Probabilistic seismic performance evaluation of SMA-braced steel frames considering SMA brace failure

    Fei Shi, Gokhan Saygili, Osman E. Ozbulut
  • Seismic performance of steel friction connections considering direct-repair costs

    T. Z. Yeow, A. Orumiyehei, T. J. Sullivan, G. A. Mac, Rae, G. C. Clifton, K. J. Elwood
  • Effects of various uncertainties on seismic risk of steel frame equipped with steel panel wall

    Liqiang Jiang, Zheng Hong, Yi Hu
  • A new simplified approach for assessing nonlinear seismic response of plan-asymmetric structures considering soil-structure interaction

    Mohammad S. Birzhandi, Amir M. Halabian
  • Seismic response prediction of reinforced concrete buildings through nonlinear combinations of intensity measures

    Alessandra Fiore, Fabrizio Mollaioli, Giuseppe Quaranta, Giuseppe C. Marano
  • Experimental study on seismic behavior of precast concrete column with grouted sleeve connections considering ratios of longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups

    Yangqing Liu, Binbin Zhou, Jianguo Cai, Daniel Sang-Hoon Lee, Xiaowei Deng, Jian Feng
  • Fragility functions and floor spectra of RC masonry infilled frames: influence of mechanical properties of masonry infills

    Gianni Blasi, Daniele Perrone, Maria Antonietta Aiello
  • Evaluation of diaphragm conditions in AAC floor structures with RC beams

    Omer Faruk Halici, Koray Ugurlu, Cem Demir, Mustafa Comert, Alper Ilki
  • Application of an in-plane/out-of-plane interaction model for URM infill walls to dynamic seismic analysis of RC frame buildings

    Francesco Longo, Lydell Wiebe, Francesca da Porto, Claudio Modena
  • Seismic behaviour of masonry buildings built of low compressive strength units

    Petra Triller, Miha Tomaževič, Matija Gams
  • Optimum hysteretic damper design for multi-story timber structures represented by an improved pinching model

    Wuchuan Pu, Changcheng Liu, Fengyu Dai
  • A simplified analytical model for U-shaped steel dampers considering horizontal bidirectional deformation

    X. Xie, S. X. Chen, X. Zhou
  • Application of nonlocal elasticity continuum damping models in nonlinear dynamic analysis

    Arun M. Puthanpurayil, Athol J. Carr, Rajesh P. Dhakal
  • Seismic floor isolation using recycled tires for essential buildings in developing countries

    Enrique Morales, Andre Filiatrault, Amjad Aref
  • Earthquake response and isolation effect analysis for separation type three-dimensional isolated structure

    Wenguang Liu, Kun Tian, Lushun Wei, Wenfu He, Qiaorong Yang
  • Application of local elasticity continuum damping models in nonlinear dynamic analysis

    Arun M. Puthanpurayil, Oren Lavan, Athol J. Carr, Rajesh P. Dhakal