Volume 17 Number 1

  • Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for a new-build nuclear power plant site in the UK

    Iain J. Tromans, Guillermo Aldama-Bustos, John Douglas, Angeliki Lessi-Cheimariou, Simon Hunt, Manuela Daví, Roger M. W. Musson, Graham Garrard, Fleur O. Strasser, Colin Robertson
  • A streamlined approach for the seismic hazard assessment of a new nuclear power plant in the UK

    Guillermo Aldama-Bustos, Iain J. Tromans, Fleur Strasser, Graham Garrard, Guy Green, Liz Rivers, John Douglas, Roger M. W. Musson, Simon Hunt, Angeliki Lessi-Cheimariou, Manuela Daví, Colin Robertson
  • Interpretations of ground motion records from the 2017 Mw 7.3 Ezgeleh earthquake in Iran

    Saman Yaghmaei-Sabegh
  • Sensitivity of surface hazard to different factors and site response analysis approaches: a case study for a soft rock site

    A. Lessi-Cheimariou, I. J. Tromans, E. Rathje, C. Robertson
  • Site effects observed in the Norcia intermountain basin (Central Italy) exploiting a 20-year monitoring

    L. Luzi, M. D’Amico, M. Massa, R. Puglia
  • On linear site amplification behavior of crustal and subduction interface earthquakes in Japan: (1) regional effects, (2) best proxy selection

    M. Abdullah Sandıkkaya
  • Centrifuge model testing on reliquefaction characteristics of sand

    Bin Ye, Liang Zhang, Huihao Wang, Xudong Zhang, Ping Lu, Feifan Ren
  • SPH-FEM coupled simulation of SSI for conducting seismic analysis on a rectangular underground structure

    Sunbin Liang, Zhiyi Chen
  • Integrated seismic risk and resilience assessment of roadway networks in earthquake prone areas

    Ioannis Kilanitis, Anastasios Sextos
  • Seismic fragility assessment of infilled frames subject to mainshock/aftershock sequences using a double incremental dynamic analysis approach

    Fabio Di Trapani, Marzia Malavisi
  • A modelling approach for existing shear-critical RC bridge piers with hollow rectangular cross section under lateral loads

    Paolino Cassese, Maria Teresa De Risi, Gerardo Mario Verderame
  • Seismic performance of precast concrete-filled circular tube segmental column under biaxial lateral cyclic loadings

    Chao Li, Hong Hao, Kaiming Bi
  • In-plane deformability of RC floors: assessment of the main parameters and influence on dynamic behaviour

    M. R. Pecce, F. Ceroni, G. Maddaloni
  • An investigation of P-delta effect in conventional seismic design and direct displacement-based design using elasto-plastic SDOF systems

    Nasir Pourali, Horr Khosravi, Mehdi Dehestani
  • A seismic design method for reinforced concrete moment resisting frames using modal strength reduction factors

    Edmond V. Muho, George A. Papagiannopoulos, Dimitri E. Beskos
  • Increasing the lateral capacity of dry joint flat-stone masonry structures using inexpensive retrofitting techniques

    Ming Wang, Kai Liu, Hongfei Lu, Hima Shrestha, Ramesh Guragain, Wen Pan, Xiaodong Yang
  • Mechanical characterisation of Tuscany masonry typologies by in situ tests

    Sonia Boschi, Luciano Galano, Andrea Vignoli
  • Numerical simulation of potential seismic pounding among adjacent buildings in series

    Shehata E. Abdel Raheem, Mohammed Y. M. Fooly, Aly G. A. Abdel Shafy, Ahmed M. Taha, Yousef A. Abbas, Mohamed M. S. Abdel Latif
  • Diaphragm effectiveness of precast concrete structures with cladding panels under seismic action

    Bruno Dal Lago, Silvia Bianchi, Fabio Biondini
  • Push-over analysis of a rubble full-scale masonry wall reinforced with stainless steel ribbons

    Nino Spinella
  • Macromodeling of in- and out-of-plane behavior of unreinforced masonry infill walls

    M. H. Al Hanoun, L. Abrahamczyk, J. Schwarz
  • Seismic response of viscously damped braced thin-wall piping system: a proof-of-concept case study

    Marc Tatarsky, Andre Filiatrault