Volume 17 Number 6

  • Modelling Pan-European ground motions for seismic hazard applications

    Mariano García-Fernández, Pierre Gehl, María-José Jiménez, Dina D’Ayala
  • Calibration of ground motion models to Icelandic peak ground acceleration data using Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation

    Milad Kowsari, Benedikt Halldorsson, Birgir Hrafnkelsson, Jónas Þór Snæbjörnsson, Sigurjón Jónsson
  • Validation of stochastic ground motion model modification by comparison to seismic demand of recorded ground motions

    Alexandra Tsioulou, Alexandros A. Taflanidis, Carmine Galasso
  • Dynamic soil properties and liquefaction potential of northeast Indian soil for non-linear effective stress analysis

    Pradeep Kumar Dammala, Shiv Shankar Kumar, A. Murali Krishna, Subhamoy Bhattacharya
  • Seismic response of single piles in liquefiable soil considering P-delta effect

    Kaustav Chatterjee, Deepankar Choudhury, Vansittee Dilli Rao, Harry G. Poulos
  • V–H–M seismic capacity envelopes of strip foundations on slopes for capacity design of structure-foundation system

    Dhiraj Raj, Yogendra Singh, Amir M. Kaynia
  • Nonlinear dynamic response of a tall building to near-fault pulse-like ground motions

    Necmettin Güneş, Zülfü Çınar Ulucan
  • Composite steel beam database for seismic design and performance assessment of composite-steel moment-resisting frame systems

    Hammad El Jisr, Ahmed Elkady, Dimitrios G. Lignos
  • Consideration of second-order effects on plastic design of steel moment resisting frames

    Giuseppe Dell’Aglio, Rosario Montuori, Elide Nastri, Vincenzo Piluso
  • Influence of slab spatial composite effect on dynamic behaviour of composite frame structures under earthquake excitation

    Xiao-Qiang Wang, Li-Yan Xu, Mu-Xuan Tao
  • Evaluation of EPS wall effectiveness to mitigate shallow foundation deformation induced by reverse faulting

    Mohammad Hasan Baziar, Sajjad Heidari Hasanaklou, Alireza Saeedi Azizkandi
  • The influence of vibration duration on the structure of irregular RC buildings

    Filip Pachla, Alicja Kowalska-Koczwara, Tadeusz Tatara, Krzysztof Stypuła
  • A proposal for the capacity-design at wall- and building-level in light-frame and cross-laminated timber buildings

    Daniele Casagrande, Ghasan Doudak, Andrea Polastri
  • Experimental assessment of soil–structure interaction effects on a super long-span cable-stayed-bridge with pile group foundations

    Limin Sun, Wen Xie
  • Hysteretic performance of inverted-V patterned BRB systems considering vertical pre-compression effects

    Jing-Zhong Tong, Yan-Lin Guo, Wen-Hao Pan, Peng Zhou, Meng-Zheng Wang
  • Vertical peak floor accelerations of elastic moment-resisting steel frames

    Nadia Gremer, Christoph Adam, Ricardo A. Medina, Lukas Moschen
  • Hysteretic performance of RC double-column bridge piers with self-centering buckling-restrained braces

    Huihui Dong, Xiuli Du, Qiang Han, Kaiming Bi, Hong Hao
  • Non-linear analysis of RC masonry-infilled frames using the SLaMA method: part 1—mechanical interpretation of the infill/frame interaction and formulation of the procedure

    Roberto Gentile, Stefano Pampanin, Domenico Raffaele, Giuseppina Uva
  • Non-linear analysis of RC masonry-infilled frames using the SLaMA method: part 2—parametric analysis and validation of the procedure

    Roberto Gentile, Stefano Pampanin, Domenico Raffaele, Giuseppina Uva
  • Earthquake damage assessment of masonry churches: proposal for rapid and detailed forms and derivation of empirical vulnerability curves

    Sergio Lagomarsino, Serena Cattari, Daria Ottonelli, Sonia Giovinazzi
  • Effectiveness of seismic retrofitting of a historical masonry structure: Kütahya Kurşunlu Mosque, Turkey

    Abide Aşıkoğlu, Özgür Avşar, Paulo B. Lourenço, Luís C. Silva
  • Experimental results of reinforced concrete frames with masonry infills under combined quasi-static in-plane and out-of-plane seismic loading

    Christoph Butenweg, Marko Marinković, Ratko Salatić
  • Seismic retrofitting of gravity-loads designed r.c. framed buildings combining CFRP and hysteretic damped braces

    Fabio Mazza, Mirko Mazza
  • A 3-dimensional perspective for inter-storey drift, ductility and damage distributions in plan-irregular RC buildings considering seismic orientation effect

    Nader Amarloo, Ali R. Emami
  • Cyclic test and numerical study of precast segmental concrete columns with BFRP and TEED

    Chao Li, Kaiming Bi, Hong Hao, Xihong Zhang, Do Van Tin
  • Direct estimation of the P-delta effect through the “stability-coefficient-response-spectra” by introducing the “first-storey-single-degree-of-freedom” system

    Seyed Mohammad Fard Mousavi, Serhan Sensoy
  • A plastic-damage hysteretic model to reproduce strength stiffness degradation

    Fabio Mazza
  • Rapid seismic loss assessment using new probabilistic demand and consequence models

    M. Kia, M. Banazadeh, M. Bayat
  • Hysteretic behavior and failure mechanism of an assembled self-centering brace

    Long-He Xu, Xing-Si Xie, Shi-Qian Yao, Zhong-Xian Li
  • Collapse fragility analysis of self-centering precast concrete walls with different post-tensioning and energy dissipation designs

    Hao Wu, Ying Zhou, Wenguang Liu