Volume 17 Number 7

  • Ground-motion models for predicting vertical components of PGA, PGV and 5%-damped spectral acceleration (0.01–10 s) in Iran

    Mohammad R. Zolfaghari, Atefe Darzi
  • Vertical ground motion prediction equations and vertical-to-horizontal (V/H) ratios of PGA and PSA for Algeria and surrounding region

    Nasser Laouami
  • Regional stochastic ground-motion model for low to moderate seismicity area with variable seismotectonic: application to Peninsular India

    Ketan Bajaj, P. Anbazhagan
  • Empirical predictive model for generating synthetic non-stationary stochastic accelerogram of the Iranian plateau: including far- and near-field effects as well as mainshock and aftershock categorization

    Ali Khansefid, Ali Bakhshi, Anooshiravan Ansari
  • A period-dependent topographic amplification model for earthquake loss estimation

    Sergio Molina, Dominik H. Lang, Yogendra Singh, Abdelghani Meslem
  • Comparison of methods to develop risk-targeted seismic design maps

    Athanasios Gkimprixis, Enrico Tubaldi, John Douglas
  • Suitable intensity measure for probabilistic seismic risk assessment of non-ductile Australian reinforced concrete buildings

    Anita Amirsardari, Pathmanathan Rajeev, Elisa Lumantarna, Helen M. Goldsworthy
  • Base shear determination using response-spectrum modal analysis of multi-degree-of-freedom systems with soil–structure interaction

    Hebert Arias, Juan Diego Jaramillo
  • Dimensionless fragility analysis of seismic acceleration demands through low-order building models

    C. Málaga-Chuquitaype, M. E. Psaltakis, G. Kampas, J. Wu
  • Assessing and quantifying the earthquake response of reinforced concrete buckling-restrained brace frame structures

    Jiulin Bai, Feng Cheng, Shuangshuang Jin, Jinping Ou
  • Seismic evaluation method for existing reinforced concrete buildings in North of Morocco

    Seif-eddine Cherif, Mimoun Chourak, Mohammed Abed, Luis Pujades
  • Haunch retrofitting technique for seismic upgrading deficient RC frames

    Naveed Ahmad, Junaid Akbar, Muhammad Rizwan, Bashir Alam, Akhtar Naeem Khan, Abdul Lateef
  • Seismic behavior of autoclaved aerated concrete low rise buildings with reinforced wall panels

    Furkan Gokmen, Baris Binici, Alper Aldemir, Armin Taghipour, Erdem Canbay
  • Experimental assessment of the out-of-plane strength of URM infill walls with different slenderness and boundary conditions

    Mariano Di Domenico, Paolo Ricci, Gerardo M. Verderame
  • Investigation on improving the shear behavior of columns in masonry infilled RC frames under lateral loads

    Syed Humayun Basha, Hemant B. Kaushik
  • Review of experimental tests and numerical study on masonry vaults reinforced through fiber-reinforced mortar coating

    Natalino Gattesco, Ingrid Boem
  • Seismic strengthening of clay block masonry buildings with composites: an experimental study of a full scale three-storey building model

    Petra Triller, Miha Tomaževič, Matija Gams
  • Experimental and applied element modeling of masonry walls retrofitted with near surface mounted (NSM) reinforcing steel bars

    Rajendra Soti, Andre R. Barbosa
  • Self-similar interstory drift spectrum and response distribution of flexural-shear beam with nonuniform lateral stiffness

    Guiqiang Guo, Xi Chen, Dixiong Yang, Yunhe Liu
  • Staggered coordination in substructure online hybrid test on a RC frame retrofitted by BRBs

    Chunbo Du, Tao Wang, Yi Qie, Edoardo Marino, Huimeng Zhou
  • Evaluating the code approaches for estimating the seismic drifts of steel frame buildings designed under variable levels of seismicity

    Hamdy Abou-Elfath, Emad Elhout
  • In-plane seismic behavior of full-scale earthen walls with openings retrofitted with timber elements and vertical tensors

    Juan C. Reyes, J. Paul Smith-Pardo, Luis E. Yamin, Francisco A. Galvis, Juan D. Sandoval, Cristian D. Gonzalez, Juan F. Correal
  • Shake table tests of three storey cold-formed steel structures with strap-braced walls

    Luigi Fiorino, Bianca Bucciero, Raffaele Landolfo
  • Seismic fragility analysis of deteriorating RC bridge columns with time-variant capacity index

    Hu Cheng, Hong-Nan Li, Y. B. Yang, Dong-Sheng Wang
  • Seismic evaluation of bridge bearings based on damage index

    S. Mahboubi, M. R. Shiravand
  • Seismic fragility curves for California concrete bridges with flared two-column bents

    Jong-Su Jeon, Sujith Mangalathu, Sang-Youl Lee
  • Behavior of a spherical deformable rolling seismic isolator for lightweight residential construction

    Huseyin Cilsalar, Michael C. Constantinou
  • Vibration characteristics and higher mode coupling in intermediate isolation systems (IIS): a parametric analysis

    Diana Faiella, Elena Mele
  • Experimental study of a new pure bending yielding dissipater

    Hassan Zibasokhan, Farhad Behnamfar, Mojtaba Azhari