Volume 17 Number 8 Special Issue: Induced Seismicity and Its Effects on Built Environment

  • Guest editorial for the special issue on induced seismicity and its effects on built environment

    Eleni Smyrou, İhsan Engin Bal
  • Extensions to the Groningen ground-motion model for seismic risk calculations: component-to-component variability and spatial correlation

    Peter J. Stafford, Brian D. Zurek, Michail Ntinalexis, Julian J. Bommer
  • Simulations for the development of a ground motion model for induced seismicity in the Groningen gas field, The Netherlands

    B. Edwards, B. Zurek, E. van Dedem, P. J. Stafford, S. Oates, J. van Elk, B. deMartin, J. J. Bommer
  • Comparison of polarity in Groningen data with that of other natural and induced seismicity records, and implications in hazard and risk models

    İhsan Engin Bal, Eleni Smyrou, Dimitris Dais
  • A framework for time-varying induced seismicity risk assessment, with application in Oklahoma

    Abhineet Gupta, Jack W. Baker
  • Probabilistic damage assessment of buildings due to induced seismicity

    Helen Crowley, Rui Pinho, Jan van Elk, Jeroen Uilenreef
  • Probabilistic assessments of flood defence performance subject to induced seismicity

    Ruben Jongejan, Vasileios Drosos, Amalia Giannakou, Jacob Chacko, Panagiota Tasiopoulou, Nelleke Zuideveld-Venema, Sjoerd de Wit, Hans Huissoon
  • Addressing limitations in existing ‘simplified’ liquefaction triggering evaluation procedures: application to induced seismicity in the Groningen gas field

    R. A. Green, J. J. Bommer, A. Rodriguez-Marek, B. W. Maurer, P. J. Stafford, B. Edwards, P. P. Kruiver, G. de Lange, J. van Elk
  • Numerical evaluation of dynamic levee performance due to induced seismicity

    Panagiota Tasiopoulou, Amalia Giannakou, Vasileios Drosos, Panagiotis Georgarakos, Jacob Chacko, Sjoerd de Wit, Nelleke Zuideveld-Venema
  • A comprehensive in situ and laboratory testing programme supporting seismic risk analysis of URM buildings subjected to induced earthquakes

    F. Graziotti, A. Penna, G. Magenes
  • Seismic assessment of a lab-tested two-storey unreinforced masonry Dutch terraced house

    Rita Esposito, Francesco Messali, Geert J. P. Ravenshorst, H. Roel Schipper, Jan G. Rots
  • A methodology for the seismic multilevel assessment of unreinforced masonry church inventories in the Groningen area

    Matteo Moratti, Federica Gaia, Sara Martini, Chrysanthi Tsioli, Giulia Grecchi, Chiara Casotto, Gian Michele Calvi, Dick Den Hertog, Paolo Martino Calvi, Giorgio Talotti Proestos
  • Crack initiation and propagation in unreinforced masonry specimens subjected to repeated in-plane loading during light damage

    Paul A. Korswagen, Michele Longo, Edwin Meulman, Jan G. Rots
  • Evaluation of modelling strategies for estimating cumulative damage on Groningen masonry buildings due to recursive induced earthquakes

    Vasilis Sarhosis, Dimitris Dais, Eleni Smyrou, İhsan Engin Bal