Volume 17 Number 9

  • A multi-level study for the seismic microzonation of the Western area of Naples (Italy)

    Valeria Licata, Giovanni Forte, Anna d’Onofrio, Antonio Santo, Francesco Silvestri
  • Site-specific probabilistic seismic hazard analysis for the western area of Naples, Italy

    Hossein Ebrahimian, Fatemeh Jalayer, Giovanni Forte, Vincenzo Convertito, Valeria Licata, Anna d’Onofrio, Antonio Santo, Francesco Silvestri, Gaetano Manfredi
  • Numerical simulations of liquefaction on an ordinary building during Italian (20 May 2012) earthquake

    Davide Forcellini
  • A transferable remote sensing approach to classify building structural types for seismic risk analyses: the case of Val d'Agri area (Italy)

    Mariangela Liuzzi, Patrick Aravena Pelizari, Christian Geiß, Angelo Masi, Valerio Tramutoli, Hannes Taubenböck
  • Official data on the economic consequences of the 2012 Emilia-Romagna earthquake: a first analysis of database SFINGE

    Leonardo Rossi, Britta Holtschoppen, Christoph Butenweg
  • Significance of non-stationary characteristics of ground-motion on structural damage: shaking table study

    Mohammad M. Kashani, Xiao Ge, Matthew S. Dietz, Adam J. Crewe, Nicholas A. Alexander
  • Predictive model for seismic vulnerability assessment of churches based on the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake

    Gianfranco De Matteis, Giuseppe Brando, Valentina Corlito
  • Seismic assessment of irregular masonry macro-elements through a nonlinear framed model: a case study

    Wilson Torres, José Luis Almazán, Cristián Sandoval, Rubén Boroschek
  • Analytical and numerical investigation of “dry” jointed precast concrete frame sub-assemblies with steel angle and tube connections

    P. K. Aninthaneni, R. P. Dhakal
  • Intervened URM buildings with RC elements: typological characterisation and associated challenges

    Gonçalo Correia Lopes, Romeu Vicente, Tiago Miguel Ferreira, Miguel Azenha
  • Large-scale quasi-static testing of precast bridge column with pocket connections using noncontact lap-spliced bars and UHPC grout

    Zhen Wang, Jingquan Wang, Jianzhong Liu, Fangyu Han, Jian Zhang
  • Seismic collapse assessment of deteriorating RC bridges under multiple hazards during their life-cycle

    Somayeh Hamed Ranjkesh, Payam Asadi, Ali Zeinal Hamadani
  • Two-dimensional in-plane seismic response of long-span bridges under oblique P-wave incidence

    Duguo Wang, Peixin Shi, Chenggang Zhao
  • Openings in infills with horizontal sliding joints: a parametric study to support the design

    V. Bolis, M. Preti
  • Displacement ratios for structures with material degradation and foundation uplift

    Kiarash M. Dolatshahi, Amir Vafaei, Kamyar Kildashti, Mohammadjavad Hamidia
  • Out-of-plane buckling instability limit state for boundary regions of special RC structural walls

    A. G. Haro, M. Kowalsky, Y. H. Chai
  • Stiffness degradation of shear walls under cyclic loading: experimental study and modelling

    Xiangyong Ni, Shuangyin Cao, Yizhu Li, Shuai Liang
  • Estimation of seismic response parameters and capacity of irregular tunnel-form buildings

    Vahid Mohsenian, Ali Nikkhoo, Iman Hajirasouliha
  • Earthquake damage assessment of 1-story precast industrial buildings using damage probability matrices

    Mehmet Palanci, Sevket Murat Senel
  • Hysteretic behavior and modelling of ultra-high-strength steel bar including buckling

    Qiang Han, Menghan Hu, Kun Xu, Xiuli Du
  • Influence of diagonal stiffeners on the response of steel plate shear walls (SPSWs) considering crack propagation

    Alireza Khaloo, Maryam Foroutani, Ali Ghamari
  • Evaluation of the displacement ductility for the seismic design of light-frame wood buildings

    Simone Rossi, Ivan Giongo, Daniele Casagrande, Roberto Tomasi, Maurizio Piazza
  • Response spectrum method for seismic soil–structure interaction analysis of underground structure

    Mi Zhao, Zhidong Gao, Xiuli Du, Junjie Wang, Zilan Zhong
  • Loading tests of a brace-type multi-unit friction damper using coned disc springs and numerical assessment of its seismic response control effects

    Takeshi Sano, Kazutaka Shirai, Yasumasa Suzui, Yoshikazu Utsumi