Volume 17 Number 11

  • Bi-normalized Newmark–Hall spectra for seismic design and assessment

    Yang Lu, Bo Li, Feng Xiong, Kaoshan Dai, Yang Liu, Zhu Mei
  • On the apparent viscosity of granular soils during liquefaction tests

    Stefania Lirer, Lucia Mele
  • Assessment of post-liquefaction consolidation settlement

    Anna Chiaradonna, Anna d’Onofrio, Emilio Bilotta
  • Performance of vertical drains in liquefaction mitigation under structures

    Samy García-Torres, Gopal Santana Phani Madabhushi
  • Influence of structure–foundation–soil interaction on ground motions recorded within buildings

    Dimitris Sotiriadis, Nikolaos Klimis, Basil Margaris, Anastasios Sextos
  • Hysteretic cyclic response of “SDOF-embedded foundation” systems rocking on sand: an experimental study

    Mohammad Arabpanahan, Seyed Rasoul Mirghaderi,
  • Seismic performance of end-bearing piled raft with countermeasure strategy against liquefaction using centrifuge model tests

    M. Fallahzadeh, A. Haddad, Y. Jafarian, C. J. Lee
  • Seismic response and damage of underground subway station in a slightly sloping liquefiable site

    Su Chen, Xu Wang, Haiyang Zhuang, Changjie Xu, Kai Zhao
  • Introducing a response-based duration metric and its correlation with structural damages

    Mohammadreza Mashayekhi, Mojtaba Harati, Morteza Ashoori Barmchi, Homayoon E. Estekanchi
  • Seismic performance of full-scale RC columns containing high proportion recycled aggregate

    Ilyas Saribas, Caglar Goksu, Ergun Binbir, Alper Ilki
  • Correction to: Seismic performance of full-scale RC columns containing high proportion recycled aggregate

    Ilyas Saribas, Caglar Goksu, Ergun Binbir, Alper Ilki
  • Damage identification of a reinforced concrete frame at increasing damage levels by sensitivity-based finite element model updating

    Erkan Durmazgezer, Umut Yucel, Ozgur Ozcelik
  • A low-cycle fatigue approach to predicting shear strength degradation in RC joints subjected to seismic actions

    Carmine Lima, Enzo Martinelli
  • Damping modification factor for elastic floor spectra

    Hamidreza Anajafi, Ricardo A. Medina
  • The shear pin strength of friction pendulum bearings (FPB) in simply supported railway bridges

    Lizhong Jiang, Weikun He, Biao Wei, Zhenwei Wang, Shanshan Li
  • Cyclic loading tests and analyses of posttensioned concrete bridge columns combining cast-in-place and precast segments

    Yuye Zhang, Gang Wu, D. Dias-da-Costa
  • Influence of soil–structure interaction on seismic pounding between steel frame buildings considering the effect of infill panels

    Hytham Elwardany, Ayman Seleemah, Robert Jankowski, Saher El-khoriby
  • Dissipative connections with U-shaped steel plate for braces of concentrically braced frames

    J. Henriques, L. Calado, C. A. Castiglioni, H. Degée
  • Numerical modeling of high-strength steel composite K-eccentrically braced frames and spatial substructure hybrid simulation tests

    Tengfei Li, Mingzhou Su, Yan Sui
  • Out-of-plane seismic retrofitting of masonry walls with Textile Reinforced Mortar composites

    Stefano De Santis, Gerardo De Canio, Gianmarco de Felice, Pietro Meriggi, Ivan Roselli
  • Empirical fragility curves for masonry buildings after the 2009 L’Aquila, Italy, earthquake

    Carlo Del Gaudio, Giuseppina De Martino,Marco Di Ludovico, Gaetano Manfredi, Andrea Prota, Paolo Ricci, Gerardo Mario Verderame
  • A simplified method to predict torsional effects on asymmetric seismic isolated buildings under bi-directional earthquake components

    Raffaele Laguardia, Carmen Morrone, Marco Faggella, Rosario Gigliotti
  • Correction to: Crack initiation and propagation in unreinforced masonry specimens subjected to repeated in-plane loading during light damage

    Paul A. Korswagen, Michele Longo, Edwin Meulman, Jan G. Rots