Volume 17 Number 12 Special Issue: Nonlinear Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls

  • Guest editorial: Nonlinear modelling of reinforced concrete structural walls

    M. Fischinger, T. Isaković, K. Kolozvari, J. Wallace
  • Assessment of a force–displacement based multiple-vertical-line element to simulate the non-linear axial–shear–flexure interaction behaviour of reinforced concrete walls

    T. Isaković, M. Fischinger
  • Shear–flexure-interaction models for planar and flanged reinforced concrete walls

    Kristijan Kolozvari, Kamiar Kalbasi, Kutay Orakcal, Leonardo M. Massone, John Wallace
  • Nonlinear cyclic Truss Model for analysis of reinforced concrete coupled structural walls

    Rodolfo Alvarez, José I. Restrepo, Marios Panagiotou, Arumbakkam R. Santhakumar
  • Hybrid approach for simulating shear–flexure interaction in RC walls with nonlinear truss and fiber models

    Carlos A. Arteta, Gustavo A. Araújo, Andrés M. Torregroza, Andrés F. Martínez, Yuan Lu
  • The fixed-strut-angle finite element (FSAFE) model for reinforced concrete structural walls

    M. Fethi Gullu, Kutay Orakcal, Kristijan Kolozvari
  • A nonlinear quadrilateral thin flat layered shell element for the modeling of reinforced concrete wall structures

    F. Rojas, J. C. Anderson, L. M. Massone
  • A parametric investigation on applicability of the curved shell finite element model to nonlinear response prediction of planar RC walls

    Farhad Dashti, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Stefano Pampanin
  • Understanding the cyclic response of RC walls with setback discontinuities through a finite element model and a strut-and-tie model

    Leonardo M. Massone, Ignacio Manríquez, Sebastián Díaz, Fabián Rojas, Ricardo Herrera
  • Assessment of the seismic capacity of tall wall buildings using nonlinear finite element modeling

    David Ugalde, Pablo F. Parra, Diego Lopez-Garcia
  • Modeling criteria of older non-ductile concrete frame–wall buildings

    P. F. Parra, C. A. Arteta, J. P. Moehle
  • Study on the accuracy of practical functions for R/C wall by a developed database of experimental test results

    Koichi Kusunoki, Masanobu Sakashita, Tomohisa Mukai, Akira Tasai
  • Experimental investigation on the deformation capacity of lap splices under cyclic loading

    Danilo Tarquini, João Pacheco de Almeida, Katrin Beyer