Volume 18 Number 1

  • Global occurrence and impact of small-to-medium magnitude earthquakes: a statistical analysis

    Cecilia I. Nievas, Julian J. Bommer, Helen Crowley, Jan van Elk
  • Ground-motion prediction equations for constant-strength and constant-ductility input energy spectra

    Yin Cheng, Andrea Lucchini, Fabrizio Mollaioli
  • A ground motion model for volcanic areas in Italy

    Giovanni Lanzano, Lucia Luzi
  • Quantifying local seismic amplification from regional charts and site specific numerical analyses: a case study

    Gaetano Falcone, Daniela Boldini, Luca Martelli, Angelo Amorosi
  • Comparative analysis of liquefaction susceptibility assessment methods based on the investigation on a pilot site in the greater Lisbon area

    Cristiana Ferreira, António Viana da Fonseca, Catarina Ramos, Ana Sofia Saldanha, Sara Amoroso, Carlos Rodrigues
  • The significance of considering multiple angles of seismic incidence for estimating engineering demand parameters

    Despoina Skoulidou, Xavier Romão
  • Fragility functions of different groups of diagonally reinforced concrete coupling beams (DRCBs)

    Sang Whan Han, Hyeyoung Koh, Chang Seok Lee
  • On the fibre modelling of beams in RC framed buildings with rigid diaphragm

    Francesca Barbagallo, Melina Bosco, Edoardo M. Marino, Pier Paolo Rossi
  • Rigid block modelling of historic masonry structures using mathematical programming: a unified formulation for non-linear time history, static pushover and limit equilibrium analysis

    Francesco P. A. Portioli
  • Quantifying the effects of various uncertainties on seismic risk assessment of CFS structures

    Liqiang Jiang, Jihong Ye
  • A universal approach for evaluating earthquake safety level based on societal fatality risk

    Hing-Ho Tsang, James E. Daniell, Friedemann Wenzel, John L. Wilson
  • Damages to masonry churches after 2016–2017 Central Italy seismic sequence and definition of fragility curves

    Elvis Cescatti, Piera Salzano, Claudia Casapulla, Francesca Ceroni, Francesca da Porto, Andrea Prota
  • Shaking table testing and numerical simulation of the seismic response of a typical China ancient masonry tower

    Qifang Xie, Dunfeng Xu, Yun Zhang, Yingwen Yu, Wenming Hao
  • Tests, model, and applications for coned-disc-spring vertical isolation bearings

    Wei Wang, Xingxing Wang
  • Alternative solutions for supplemental energy dissipation in bridges

    T. N. Salonikios, G. Kolotsios, A. J. Kappos