Volume 18 Number 3

  • Which is a better proxy, site period or depth to bedrock, in modelling linear site response in addition to the average shear-wave velocity?

    Chuanbin Zhu, Marco Pilz, Fabrice Cotton
  • Ground motion amplification atop the complex sedimentary basin of Haifa Bay (Israel)

    Shahar Shani-Kadmiel, Omri Volk, Zohar Gvirtzman, Michael Tsesarsky
  • Seismic fragility of buried steel natural gas pipelines due to axial compression at geotechnical discontinuities

    Grigorios Tsinidis, Luigi Di Sarno, Anastasios Sextos, Peter Furtner
  • The ratio of response spectra from seismic-type free-field and building foundation vibrations: the influence of rockburst parameters and simple models of kinematic soil-structure interaction

    Krystyna Kuzniar, Tadeusz Tatara
  • Revising seismic behaviour factors for reinforced concrete bridge design in the longitudinal direction using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms

    Vítor T. Camacho, Mário Lopes, Carlos S. Oliveira
  • Effect of pulse-like near-fault ground motions on utility-scale land-based wind turbines

    G. Ö. Sigurðsson, R. Rupakhety, S. E. Rahimi, S. Olafsson
  • Analytical and numerical seismic assessment of heritage masonry towers

    Giacomo Torelli, Dina D’Ayala, Michele Betti, Gianni Bartoli
  • Collapse shake-table testing of a clay-URM building with chimneys

    Stylianos Kallioras, António A. Correia, Francesco Graziotti, Andrea Penna, Guido Magenes
  • Collapse and damage to vernacular buildings induced by 2012 Emilia earthquakes

    Marco Bovo, Alberto Barbaresi, Daniele Torreggiani, Patrizia Tassinari
  • Shaking table tests of granite cladding with dowel pin connection

    Baofeng Huang, Wensheng Lu, Selim Günay
  • Design and development of low-cost HDRBs seismic isolation of structures

    Naveed Ahmad, Hamna Shakeel, Mostafa Masoudi