Volume 18 Number 4

  • Correlations between Vs and SPT-N by different borehole measurement methods: effect on seismic site classification

    Chih-Chieh Lu, Jin-Hung Hwang
  • Generation of seed-based spectrum-compatible pulse-like time-series

    Xavier Roman-Velez, Luis A. Montejo
  • Effects of soil-foundation-structure interaction on fundamental frequency and radiation damping ratio of historical masonry building sub-structures

    Annachiara Piro, Filomena de Silva, Fulvio Parisi, Anna Scotto di Santolo, Francesco Silvestri
  • Effects of soil–structure interaction on inelastic response of torsionally-coupled structures

    M. Shirzadi, F. Behnamfar, P. Asadi
  • Earthquake risk scenarios of the Ciutat Vella District in Valencia, Spain

    Arianna Guardiola-Víllora, Luisa Basset-Salom
  • Empirical testing of a simplified approach for the estimation of 1D litho-stratigraphical amplification factor

    Enrico Paolucci, Anna Tanzini, Giacomo Peruzzi, Dario Albarello, Pierpaolo Tiberi
  • Evaluating seismic risk in small and medium-sized cities with the modified vulnerability index method, a case study in Jiangyou City, China

    Hao Zheng, Lanlan Guo, Jifu Liu, Tao Zheng, Zhifei Deng
  • NDE1.0: a new database of earthquake data recordings from buildings for engineering applications

    Ariana Astorga, Philippe Guéguen, Subash Ghimire, Toshihide Kashima
  • Comparing the performance of traditional shear-wall and rocking shear-wall structures designed using the direct-displacement based design approach

    Leikune F. Aragaw, Paolo M. Calvi
  • The seismic sequence of 2016–2017 in Central Italy: a numerical insight on the survival of the Civic Tower in Amatrice

    A. Jain, M. Acito, C. Chesi, E. Magrinelli
  • Rapid screening method for the determination of seismic vulnerability assessment of RC building stocks

    Onur Coskun, Alper Aldemir, Mustafa Sahmaran
  • Nonlinear dynamic behaviour of severely corroded reinforced concrete columns: shaking table study

    Xiao Ge, Matthew S. Dietz, Nicholas A. Alexander, Mohammad M. Kashani
  • Performance-based plastic design of composite partially-restrained steel frame-reinforced concrete infill walls with concealed vertical slits

    Guohua Sun, Xin Wei, Qiang Gu, Yue Wang
  • Parametric study of seismic collapse performance of lightweight buildings with spherical deformable rolling isolation system

    Huseyin Cilsalar, Michael C. Constantinou
  • Experimental seismic response evaluation of suspended piping restraint installations

    Daniele Perrone, Andre Filiatrault, Simone Peloso, Emanuele Brunesi, Clemens Beiter, Roberto Piccinin
  • Strut-and-tie model for shear strength prediction of RC exterior beam–column joints under seismic loading

    Panatchai Chetchotisak, Eakkawit Arjsri, Jaruek Teerawong
  • Probabilistic seismic assessment of RC box-girder highway bridges with unequal-height piers subjected to earthquake-induced pounding

    Hossein Rezaei, Seyyed Amirhossein Moayyedi, Robert Jankowski
  • Simplified seismic assessment of infilled RC frame structures

    Al Mouayed Bellah Nafeh, Gerard J. O’Reilly, Ricardo Monteiro
  • A proposal of Visual Rating method to set the priority of detailed evaluation for masonry infilled RC building

    Md. Shafiul Islam, Hamood Alwashali, Debasish Sen, Masaki Maeda
  • Effects of the vertical seismic component on seismic performance of an unreinforced masonry structures

    Francesco Di Michele, Cristina Cantagallo, Enrico Spacone
  • Cyclic test on a precast reinforced concrete column-to-foundation grouted duct connection

    Nerio Tullini, Fabio Minghini
  • Empirical fragility functions and loss curves for Italian business facilities based on the 2012 Emilia-Romagna earthquake official database

    Leonardo Rossi, Marco Stupazzini, Davide Parisi, Britta Holtschoppen, Gabriella Ruggieri, Christoph Butenweg
  • Seismic fragility analysis of irregular bridges with non-circular tall piers considering ground motion directionality

    Deshan Shan, Faxian Qu, Xudong Deng
  • Torsional effect of relation between mass and stiffness center locations and diaphragm characteristics in RC structures

    Ahmet Özbayrak, Fatih Altun
  • Global buckling prevention of reduced-core-length buckling-restrained braces: theoretical and numerical investigations

    Jing-Zhong Tong, Yan-Lin Guo, Wen-Hao Pan, Min-Hui Shen, Peng Zhou
  • An efficient approach for LCC-based optimum design of lead-rubber base isolation system via FFD and analysis of variance (ANOVA)

    M. Mousazadeh, F. Pourreza, M. Ch. Basim, M. R. Chenaghlou
  • Acknowledgement of Reviewers for 2019

    Atilla AnsalPages 1829-1834