Volume 18 Number 6

  • A practical probabilistic earthquake hazard analysis tool: case study Marmara region

    Ilya Sianko, Zuhal Ozdemir, Soheil Khoshkholghi, Reyes Garcia, Iman Hajirasouliha, Ufuk Yazgan, Kypros Pilakoutas
  • Modeling energy release parameters in stochastic simulation of ground motions generated by Vrancea intermediate-depth seismic source

    Anabella Coțovanu, Radu Vacareanu
  • Spectral decomposition of the Engineering Strong Motion (ESM) flat file: regional attenuation, source scaling and Arias stress drop

    D. Bindi, S. R. Kotha
  • Assessment and mitigation of seismic risk at the urban scale: an application to the historic city center of Leiria, Portugal

    Anna Blyth, Beatrice Di Napoli, Francesco Parisse, Zahir Namourah, Elsa Anglade, Anna-Maria Giatreli, Hugo Rodrigues, Tiago Miguel Ferreira
  • The seismic analysis of Cerere at the Museum of Bargello

    Stefania Viti, Barbara Pintucchi, Tommaso Rotunno, Marco Tanganelli
  • Seismic response assessment of a hybrid coupled wall structure with novel self-centering steel truss coupling beams

    Yong Li, Ye Liu, Zheheng Chen
  • Pre-normative assessment of behaviour factor for lateral load resisting system FUSEIS pin-link

    P. Tsarpalis, K. Bakalis, P. Thanopoulos, I. Vayas, D. Vamvatsikos
  • Soft real-time hybrid simulation based on a space steel frame

    Tengfei Li, Lei Ma, Yan Sui, Mingzhou Su, Yi Qiang
  • On the seismic fragility of pipe rack—piping systems considering soil–structure interaction

    Luigi Di Sarno, George Karagiannakis
  • Calcium silicate against clay brick masonry: an experimental comparison of the in-plane behaviour during light damage

    Paul A. Korswagen, Michele Longo, Jan G. Rots
  • Evaluation of benefits at a regional scale of new strategies to improve the seismic performance of low-rise residential construction

    Pablo Heresi, Eduardo Miranda
  • Eccentric steel brace retrofit for seismic upgrading of deficient reinforced concrete frames

    Naveed Ahmad, Mostafa Masoudi
  • A preliminary proposal towards the revision of Indian seismic code considering site classification scheme, amplification factors and response spectra

    Vishal R. Deoda, Shrabony Adhikary
  • Cyclic shear resistance model for Eurocode 8 consistent with the second-generation Eurocode 2

    Dionysis Biskinis, Michael N. Fardis