Volume 18 Number 7

  • A probabilistic seismic hazard model for North Africa

    Valerio Poggi, Julio Garcia-Peláez, Richard Styron, Marco Pagani, Robin Gee
  • The Italian earthquake catalogue CPTI15

    Andrea Rovida, Mario Locati, Romano Camassi, Barbara Lolli, Paolo Gasperini
  • Clustering analysis of probabilistic seismic hazard for the selection of ground motion time histories in vast areas

    C. Mascandola, S. Barani, M. Massa, E. Paolucci, D. Albarello
  • Influence of earthquake duration on structural collapse assessment using hazard-consistent ground motions for shallow crustal earthquakes

    Wenqi Du, Xiaohui Yu, Chao-Lie Ning
  • Seismic collapse capacity assessment of SDOF systems incorporating duration and instability effects

    M. A. Bravo-Haro, M. Liapopoulou, A. Y. Elghazouli
  • Development of a relation model for global and local damage categorization: the case of the Algerian building

    K. Akkouche, N. E. Hannachi, M. Hamizi, N. Khelil
  • Generation of new fragility curves for common types of buildings in Iran

    Mohammad Fallah Tafti, Kambod Amini Hosseini, Babak Mansouri Babak Mansouri
  • Preliminary assessment approach to predict seismic vulnerability of existing low and mid-rise RC buildings

    Hakan Dilmaç
  • Correction to: Preliminary assessment approach to predict seismic vulnerability of existing low and mid-rise RC buildings

    Hakan Dilmaç
  • Performance of torsionally eccentric RC wall frame buildings designed to DDBD under bi-directional seismic excitation

    Christos Zeris, Alexandros Lalas, Enrico Spacone
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of Multiple-Stripe Analysis by using a stochastic earthquake input model

    Fabrizio Scozzese, Enrico Tubaldi, Andrea Dall’Asta
  • Effects of strain gradients in the onset of global buckling in slender walls due to earthquake loading

    P. F. Parra, J. P. Moehle
  • Determination of damage levels of RC columns with a smart system oriented method

    Gamze Dogan, Musa Hakan Arslan, Omer Kaan Baykan
  • Seismic numerical modelling of suspended piping trapeze restraint installations based on component testing

    Daniele Perrone, Emanuele Brunesi, Andre Filiatrault, Simone Peloso, Roberto Nascimbene, Clemens Beiter & Roberto Piccinin
  • Seismic vulnerability and loss assessment of an isolated simply-supported highway bridge retrofitted with optimized superelastic shape memory alloy cable restrainers

    Shuai Li, Farshad Hedayati Dezfuli, Jing-quan Wang, M. Shahria Alam
  • Modeling seismic behavior of precast segmental UHPC bridge columns in a simplified method

    Zhen Wang, Jingquan Wang, Guotang Zhao, Jian Zhang
  • Consideration of economic vulnerability in seismic performance evaluation of structures

    Daniela Zuloaga Romero, Bulent Akbas, Jeff Budiman, Jay Shen
  • Simplified calculation of roof accelerations in existing low-rise symmetric unreinforced masonry buildings with flexible diaphragms

    H. Derakhshan, Y. Nakamura, M. C. Griffith, M. Dhanasekar
  • Seismic behaviour of eccentrically compressed steel-box bridge-pier columns with embedded energy-dissipating shell plates

    Haifeng Li, Kunde Lv, Runsheng Cui
  • Seismic damage and fragility assessment of ancient masonry churches located in central Chile

    Nuria Chiara Palazzi, Philomene Favier, Luisa Rovero, Cristián Sandoval, Juan Carlos de la
  • Structural evaluation of masonry building damages during the April 24, 2014 Gökçeada earthquake in the Aegean Sea

    Caner Göçer
  • Retraction Note: Soft computing methodologies for estimation of bridge girder forces with perforations under tsunami wave loading

    Shatirah Akib, Sadia Rahman, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Dalibor Petković