Volume 18 Number 9

  • A probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for Wylfa Newydd, a new nuclear site in the United Kingdom

    Manuela Villani, Zygmunt Lubkowski, Matthew Free,Roger M. W. Musson, Barbara Polidoro, Rory McCully, Areti Koskosidi, Crispin Oakman, Tim Courtney, Martin Walsh
  • A regionally-adaptable ground-motion model for shallow crustal earthquakes in Europe

    Sreeram Reddy Kotha, Graeme Weatherill, Dino Bindi, Fabrice Cotton
  • Seismic fragility analysis of URM buildings founded on piles: influence of dynamic soil–structure interaction models

    Francesco Cavalieri, António A. Correia, Helen Crowley, Rui Pinho
  • A direct displacement-based seismic design method using a MDOF equivalent system: application to R/C framed structures

    Edmond V. Muho, Jiang Qian, Dimitri E. Beskos
  • Correction to: A direct displacement‑based seismic design method using a MDOF equivalent system: application to R/C framed structures

    Edmond V. Muho, Jiang Qian, Dimitri E. Beskos
  • An improved plastic hinge relocation technique for RC beam–column joints: experimental and numerical investigations

    Mostafa Rezvani Sharif, Mohammad Sadegh Ketabi
  • Numerical evaluation of the seismic performance of existing reinforced concrete buildings with corroded smooth rebars

    Luigi Di Sarno, Francesco Pugliese
  • A theoretical and experimental exploration of the seismic dynamics of multi-span bridges

    A. A. Meibodi, N. A. Alexander, J. A. Norman, A. J. Crewe
  • Displacement-based assessment of typical Italian RC bridges

    Marcello Cademartori, Timothy J. Sullivan, Saimir Osmani
  • Evaluating alternative approaches for the seismic design of structures

    Athanasios Gkimprixis, Enrico Tubaldi, John Douglas
  • A novel procedure for the assessment of the seismic performance of frame structures by means of limit analysis

    A. Greco, F. Cannizzaro, A. Pluchino
  • Axial response of rectangular RC prisms representing the boundary elements of ductile concrete walls

    Mayank Tripathi, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Farhad Dashti, Rohit Gokhale
  • Low-LOD code-driven identification of the high seismic risk areas for industrial buildings in Italy

    Cristoforo Demartino, Giorgio Monti
  • Hybrid simulation of bridges constructed with concrete-filled steel tube columns subjected to horizontal and vertical ground motions

    Ali Y. Al-Attraqchi, M. Javad Hashemi, Riadh Al-Mahaidi
  • Seismic loss and resilience assessment of single-column rocking bridges

    Anastasios I. Giouvanidis, You Dong
  • A comparative study of seismic diaphragm design forces for RC dual system buildings

    Juan F. Correal, Victor Hidalgo, Juan C. Reyes, Christiam C. Ángel
  • Correction to: Seismic soil-structure interaction analysis of structure with shallow foundation using response spectrum method

    Zhidong Gao, Mi Zhao, Xiuli Du, Xu Zhao
  • Correction to: A probabilistic seismic hazard map for the metropolitan France

    Stéphane Drouet, Gabriele Ameri, Kristell Le Dortz, Ramon Secanell, Gloria Senfaute
  • Correction to: Seismic fragility for Italian RC buildings based on damage data of the last 50 years

    Carlo Del Gaudio, Marco Di Ludovico, Maria Polese, Gaetano Manfredi, Andrea Prota, Paolo Ricci, Gerardo M. Verderame
  • Correction to: Structural evaluation of masonry building damages during the April 24, 2014 Gökçeada earthquake in the Aegean Sea

    Caner Gocer