Volume 18 Number 10

  • The influence of source- and ground-motion model choices on probabilistic seismic hazard levels at 6 sites in France

    Céline Beauval, Pierre-Yves Bard, Laurentiu Danciu
  • Dynamic behaviour of Tagus River sand including liquefaction

    Luís Miranda, Laura Caldeira, João Serra & Rui Carrilho Gomes
  • In situ characterization of nonlinear soil behavior of vertical ground motion using KiK-net data

    Yang Shi, Su-Yang Wang, Ke Cheng, Yu Miao
  • Nonlinearity and strength in 1D site response analyses: a simple constitutive approach

    Riccardo Conti, Manuel Angelini, Valeria Licata
  • Evaluation of amplitude-scaled and spectrum-matched motions to estimate ground-motion amplification factors

    Bo Li, Yang Lu, Mahesh D. Pandey, Gao Ma, Yang Liu, Zhu Mei & Le Shen
  • Proposal for a new site classification tool using microtremor data

    Nasser Laouami
  • Damage-based yield point spectra for sequence-type ground motions

    Yongqun Zhang, Jiaxu Shen, Jun Chen
  • Reconnaissance and learning after the February 6, 2018, earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan

    Jui-Liang Lin, Chun-Hsiang Kuo, Yu-Wen Chang, Shu-Hsien Chao, Yi-An Li, Wen-Cheng Shen, Chung-Han Yu, Cho-Yen Yang, Fan-Ru Lin, Hsiao-Hui Hung, Chun-Chung Chen, Chin-Kuo Su, Shang-Yi Hsu, Chih-Chieh Lu, Lap-Loi Chung & Shyh-Jiann Hwang
  • Out-of-plane reinforcement of masonry walls using joint-embedded steel cables

    Marco Corradi, Emanuela Speranzini & Giordano Bisciotti
  • Effects of size and position of openings on in-plane capacity of unreinforced masonry walls

    Zhen Liu, Adam Crewe
  • Nonlinear dynamic response of stone masonry minarets under harmonic excitation

    Eser Çaktı, Özden Saygılı, José V. Lemos & Carlos S. Oliveira
  • Study on seismic performance of a precast buckling-restrained composite shear wall system with three assembly arrangements

    Dayang Wang, Chengqing Wu, Yongshan Zhang, Guofeng Xue & Yizhe Xu
  • Evaluation of the seismic performance factors for steel diagrid structural systems using FEMA P-695 and ATC-19 procedures

    Fayaz R. Rofooei, Ali Seyedkazemi
  • Pseudodynamic testing of a full-size two-story reinforced concrete frame retrofitted with an H-section steel frame installed using a length-adjustment control box

    Ju-Seong Jung, Kang-Seok Lee
  • Numerical investigation of the influence of cross-sectional shape and corrosion damage on failure mechanisms of RC bridge piers under earthquake loading

    Ebrahim Afsar Dizaj, Mohammad M. Kashani
  • Numerical study on seismic behavior of precast bridge columns with large-diameter bars and UHPC grout considering the bar-slip effect

    Zhen Wang, Jingquan Wang, Guotang Zhao, Jian Zhang
  • Full-scale cyclic test of a Japanese post and beam wood shearwall assembly

    Cem Yenidogan, Ryota Nishi, Takuya Nagae, Takahiro Inoue & Koichi Kajiwara
  • Influence of wood infill walls on the seismic performance of Chinese traditional timber structure by shaking table tests

    Qifang Xie, Long Wang, Shengying Li, Lipeng Zhang & Weibing Hu
  • Seismic resilience evaluation of base-isolated RC buildings using a loss-recovery approach

    Mehdi Mokhtari, Hosein Naderpour
  • Seismic fragility analysis of LNG sub-plant accounting for component dynamic interaction

    Muhammad Farhan, Stathis Bousias