Volume 18 Number 11

  • A regionally-adaptable “scaled backbone” ground motion logic tree for shallow seismicity in Europe: application to the 2020 European seismic hazard model

    Graeme Weatherill, Sreeram Reddy Kotha and Fabrice Cotton
  • Random field model of sequential ground motions

    Jiaxu Shen, Jun Chen and Guo Ding
  • Relationships between ground motion parameters and macroseismic intensity for Italy

    Augusto Antonio Gomez-Capera, Maria D’Amico, Giovanni Lanzano, Mario Locati and Marco Santulin
  • Spectral acceleration matching procedure with respect to normalization approach

    Pouya Amirchoupani, Gholamreza Abdollahzadeh and Hamed Hamidi
  • A parametric study on out-of-plane instability of doubly reinforced structural walls. Part II: Experimental investigation

    Farhad Dashti, Mayank Tripathi, Rajesh P. Dhakal and Stefano Pampanin
  • Wave-passage effects on seismic responses of pile–soil–cable-stayed bridge model under longitudinal non-uniform excitation: shaking table tests and numerical simulations

    Wen Xie, Limin Sun and Menglin Lou
  • Shake table testing and computational investigation of the seismic performance of modularized suspended building systems

    Zhihang Ye, Gang Wu, De-Cheng Feng and Abdollah Shafieezadeh
  • Seismic performance and fragility curves of historical residential buildings in Lisbon downtown affected by settlements

    Rita Couto, Rita Bento and Rui Carrilho Gomes
  • Revisiting flexural overstrength in RC beam-and-slab floor systems for seismic design and evaluation

    Mostafa Masoudi and Saeed Khajevand
  • Seismic performance of RC frame buildings accounting for the out-of-plane behavior of masonry infills

    G. Gesualdi, L. R. S. Viggiani and D. Cardone
  • A benchmark 1 g shaking table test of shallow segmental mini-tunnel in sand

    Yong Yuan, Yusheng Yang, Shaohua Zhang, Haitao Yu and Jun Sun
  • RETRACTED ARTICLE: On the seismic performance of bamboo structure

    S. Elizabeth and A. K. Datta