Volume 18 Number 13

  • Effect of pre-dynamic loading on dynamic liquefaction of undisturbed loess

    Wei Liu, Qian Wang, Gaochao Lin & Wenwu Chen
  • Simulation of the strong ground motion for the 20 July 2017 (Mw. 6.6) Bodrum–Kos earthquake

    Gülüm Tanırcan & Seda Yelkenci-Necmioğlu
  • Seismic vulnerability analysis of medieval rammed earth fortifications in southeastern Spain

    I. Arto, J. Garrido & M. L. Gutiérrez-Carrillo
  • Experimental study of a three-storey concrete frame structure with smooth bars under cyclic lateral loading

    X. Palios, E. Strepelias, N. Stathas, M. N. Fardis, S. Bousias, C. Z. Chrysostomou & N. Kyriakides
  • Rigorous versus less-demanding fragility relations for RC high-rise buildings

    Wael Alwaeli, Aman Mwafy, Kypros Pilakoutas & Maurizio Guadagnini
  • Lateral cyclic performance of a CFRP retrofitted two-story RC frame with open ground story

    Birendra K. Karaiya, Romanbabu M. Oinam, Dipti Ranjan Sahoo & Ashok Gupta
  • Seismic assessment of non-engineered reinforced concrete columns in low to moderate seismic regions

    Kittipoom Rodsin, Tahir Mehmood, Kristijan Kolozvari & Adnan Nawaz
  • An empirical method for seismic vulnerability assessment of Nepali school buildings

    Dipendra Gautam, Rabindra Adhikari, Rajesh Rupakhety & Pushkar Koirala
  • Power based seismic collapse criterion for ductile and non-ductile framed structures

    Shivang Pathak, Amar Khennane & Safat Al-Deen
  • Empirical predictive model for seismic damage of historical churches

    Michele Morici, Claudia Canuti, Andrea Dall’Asta & Graziano Leoni
  • Assessing community resilience, housing recovery and impact of mitigation strategies at the urban scale: a case study after the 2012 Northern Italy Earthquake

    Alberto Basaglia, Alessandra Aprile, Enrico Spacone & Luca Pelà
  • Investigation on engineering demand parameters describing the seismic damage of masonry infilled R/C frames

    Alexios Papasotiriou, Asimina Athanatopoulou & Konstantinos Kostinakis
  • Correction to: Site amplification in the Kathmandu Valley during the 2015 M7.6 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake Authors (first, second and last of 13)

    S. Tallett-Williams, B. Gosh, S. Wilkinson, C. Fenton, P. Burton, M. Whitworth, S. Datla, G. Franco, A. Trieu, M. Dejong, Viviana Novelli, T. White & T. Lloyd