Volume 18 Number 14

  • A ground motion logic tree for seismic hazard analysis in the stable cratonic region of Europe: regionalisation, model selection and development of a scaled backbone approach

    Graeme Weatherill & Fabrice Cotton
  • A Bayesian model for truncated regression for the estimation of empirical ground-motion models

    Nicolas Martin Kuehn, Tadahiro Kishida, Mohammad AlHamaydeh, Grigorios Lavrentiadis & Yousef Bozorgnia
  • A liquefaction case study of gently sloping gravelly soil deposits in the near-fault region of the 2008 Mw7.9 Wenchuan earthquake

    Yan-Guo Zhou, Peng Xia, Dao-Sheng Ling & Yun-Min Chen
  • Performance of piles with different batter angles in laterally spreading soil: a probabilistic investigation

    J. S. Rajeswari & Rajib Sarkar
  • Semi-empirical relationships to assess the seismic performance of slopes from an updated version of the Italian seismic database

    D. Gaudio, R. Rauseo, L. Masini & S. Rampello
  • Toward confident regional seismic risk assessment of spatially distributed structural portfolios via entropy-based intensity measure selection

    Ao Du & Jamie E. Padgett
  • Event-based assessment of seismic resilience in Mexican school buildings

    Carlos González, Mauro Niño & Miguel A. Jaimes
  • Effects of various modeling uncertainty parameters on the seismic response and seismic fragility estimates of the aging highway bridges

    Huihui Li, Lifeng Li, Guojie Zhou & Liang Xu
  • Influence of near-fault ground motion characteristics on the seismic response of cable-stayed bridges

    Chao Zhang, Jian-bing Lu, Hong-yu Jia, Zhi-chao Lai, Xu Li & Pi-guang Wang
  • Assessment of out-of-plane behavior of non-structural masonry walls using FE simulations

    Fooad Karimi Ghaleh Jough & Mohammadreza Golhashem
  • Assessing the soil-structure interaction effects by direct method on the out-of-plane behavior of masonry structures (case study: Arge-Tabriz)

    Ahmad Fathi, Arjang Sadeghi, M. Reza Emami Azadi & Nader Hoveidae
  • Seismic design of RC moment-resisting frames with concrete block infill walls considering local infill-frame interactions

    Wongsa Wararuksajja, Jarun Srechai & Sutat Leelataviwat
  • Experimental study on seismic performance of seismic-damaged RC frame retrofitted by prestressed steel strips

    Ruyue Liu & Yong Yang
  • Evaluation of drilled flange connections with combined arrangements of holes and notches

    Peyman Shadman Heidari, Armin Aziminejad, A. S. Moghadam & Mohammad Ali Jafari
  • A component-level methodology to evaluate the seismic repair costs of infills and services for Italian RC buildings

    Maria Teresa De Risi, Carlo Del Gaudio & Gerardo Mario Verderame