Volume 18 Number 15

  • Seismotectonic model and probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for Papua New Guinea

    Hadi Ghasemi, Phil Cummins, Graeme Weatherill, Chris McKee, Martyn Hazelwood & Trevor Allen
  • A non-linear static approach for the prediction of earthquake-induced deformation of geotechnical systems

    R. Laguardia, D. Gallese, R. Gigliotti & L. Callisto
  • Empirical fragility assessment using conditional GMPE-based ground shaking fields: application to damage data for 2016 Amatrice Earthquake

    A. Miano, F. Jalayer, G. Forte & A. Santo
  • Seismic collapse assessment of new European single-story RC precast buildings with weak connections

    Maddalena Cimmino, Gennaro Magliulo & Gaetano Manfredi
  • Numerical study of the seismic performance and damage mitigation of steel–concrete composite rigid-frame bridge subjected to across-fault ground motions

    Yuanzheng Lin, Zhouhong Zong, Kaiming Bi, Hong Hao, Jin Lin & Yiyan Chen
  • An approximate procedure for estimating the member demands in mid-rise reinforced concrete buildings

    Ugur Akpinar, Baris Binici, Ahmet Yakut & Kagan Tuncay
  • Effects of longitudinal reinforcement discontinuities on the seismic response of structural walls

    Ying Wang & Santiago Pujol
  • Experimental analysis on cyclic performance of concrete columns with TempCore or Dual-Phase steel reinforcement

    Silvia Caprili, Giuseppe Chellini, Francesca Mattei, Federico Romis & Walter Salvatore
  • Magnetic damped links to reduce internal seismic pounding in base-isolated buildings

    Fabio Mazza & Rodolfo Labernarda
  • Experimental seismic response of a resilient 3-storey post-tensioned timber framed building with dissipative braces

    Antonio Di Cesare, Felice Carlo Ponzo, Nicla Lamarucciola & Domenico Nigro
  • Out-of-plane capacity of cladding panel-to-structure connections in one-story R/C precast structures

    Giovanni Menichini, Emanuele Del Monte, Maurizio Orlando & Andrea Vignoli
  • Seismic vulnerability of above-ground storage tanks with unanchored support conditions for Na-tech risks based on Gaussian process regression

    Hoang Nam Phan, Fabrizio Paolacci, Rocco Di Filippo & Oreste S. Bursi