Volume 19 Number 1

  • Correction to: Magnetic damped links to reduce internal seismic pounding in base‑isolated buildings

    Fabio Mazza & Rodolfo Labernarda
  • Behavior factor of concrete portal frames with dissipative devices based on carbon-wrapped steel tubes

    Andrea Vittorio Pollini, Nicola Buratti & Claudio Mazzotti
  • Seismic effectiveness and robustness of tuned mass dampers versus nonlinear energy sinks in a lifecycle cost perspective

    Emiliano Matta
  • Seismic retrofit solutions using base isolation for existing RC buildings: economic feasibilty and pay-back time

    Andrea Natale, Ciro Del Vecchio & Marco Di Ludovico
  • Seismic stability assessment of an ancient dry stone defensive wall Konstantinos

    A. Papadopoulos
  • Seismic demand model class uncertainty in seismic loss analysis for a code-designed URM infilled RC frame building

    Fabio Romano, Mohammad S. Alam, Maria Zucconi, Marco Faggella, Andre R. Barbosa & Barbara Ferracuti
  • Impact of ground floor openings percentage on the dynamic response of typical Dutch URM cavity wall structures

    D. Malomo, C. Morandini, H. Crowley, R. Pinho & A. Penna
  • Influence of the constructive features of RC existing buildings in their ductility and seismic performance

    Maria-Victoria Requena-Garcia-Cruz, Antonio Morales-Esteban, Percy Durand-Neyra & Beatriz Zapico-Blanco
  • In-plane and out-of-plane seismic damage of masonry infills in existing r.c. structures: the case study of De Gasperi-Battaglia school in Norcia

    Fabio Mazza & Angelo Donnici
  • InvestigatInvestigating the effects of structural pounding on the seismic performance of adjacent RC and steel MRFs

    F. Kazemi, M. Miari & R. Jankowski
  • Numerical analysis of special concentric braced frames using experimentally-validated fatigue and fracture model under short and long duration earthquakes

    Ali Hammad & Mohamed A. Moustafa
  • Analytical parameters for equal mode damping ratio inducing TMDs for seismic response reduction

    Julio C. Miranda
  • Performance evaluation of buckling-restrained braced frames under repeated earthquakes

    Nader Hoveidae & Saeed Radpour
  • Cyclic response and modelling of special moment resisting beams exhibiting fixed-end rotation

    Naveed Ahmad, Mostafa Masoudi & Suhaib Salawdeh
  • Effects of unbonded steel layout on seismic behavior of post-tensioned precast concrete shear walls

    Bulent Erkmen
  • Seismic risk assessment of on-ground circular reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete water tanks using stochastic ground motion simulations

    Florin Pavel
  • Assessment of hysteretic damping in reinforced concrete structures using local hinge characteristics

    N. K. Shekhar, Y. M. Parulekar, T. Nagender & J. Chattopadhyay
  • Cyclic behaviors of reinforced concrete beam-column joints with debonded reinforcements and beam failure: experiment and analysis

    J. H. Wang
  • Model errors caused by rigid-foundation assumption in soil-structure interaction: a comparison of responses of a soil-structure-flexible foundation system and a rigid foundation system

    Fu Jia, Liang Jianwen & Ba Zhenning
  • Centrifuge and numerical modelling of earthquake-induced soil liquefaction under free-field conditions and by considering soil–structure interaction

    A. G. Özcebe, D. Giretti, F. Bozzoni, V. Fioravante & C. G. Lai
  • Spatial variability of the urban ground motion in a highly heterogeneous site-city configurations

    C. Varone, L. Lenti, S. Martino & J. F. Semblat
  • On how the ergodic assumption influences seismic risk

    Zehra Çağnan