Volume 19 Number 6

  • Estimation of MCS intensity for Italy from high quality accelerometric data, using GMICEs and Gaussian Naïve Bayes Classifiers

    Laura Cataldi, Lara Tiberi & Giovanni Costa
  • The Polito Surface Wave flat-file Database (PSWD): statistical properties of test results and some inter-method comparisons

    Federico Passeri, Cesare Comina, Sebastiano Foti & Laura Valentina Socco
  • Wave velocities depending on shear strain, directionality, and excess pore water pressure from wildlife liquefaction array

    Tadahiro Kishida & Chi-Chin Tsai
  • Limitations of Sa(T1) as an intensity measure when assessing non-ductile infilled RC frame structures

    Gerard J. O’Reilly
  • Correction to: Limitations of Sa(T1) as an intensity measure when assessing non-ductile infilled RC frame structures

    Gerard J. O’Reilly
  • Seismic damage assessment of masonry buildings in Elazığ and Malatya following the 2020 Elazığ-Sivrice earthquake, Turkey

    Murat Günaydin, Barbaros Atmaca, Serhat Demir, Ahmet Can Altunişik, Metin Hüsem, Süleyman Adanur, Şevket Ateş & Zekai Angin
  • Seismic collapse fragility of low-rise steel moment frames with mass irregularity based on shaking table test

    Yongtao Bai, Yinsheng Li, Zhenyun Tang, Marius Bittner, Matteo Broggi & Michael Beer
  • Fragility assessment of existing low-rise steel moment-resisting frames with masonry infills under mainshock-aftershock earthquake sequences

    Luigi Di Sarno & Jing-Ren Wu
  • Influence of time-dependent seismic hazard on structural design

    Andrea Dall’Asta, Hamed Dabiri, Emanuele Tondi & Michele Morci
  • FOSID: a fractional order spectrum intensity for probabilistic seismic demand modeling of extended pile-shaft-supported highway bridges under liquefaction and transverse spreading

    Xiaowei Wang, Abdollah Shafieezadeh & Jamie Ellen Padgett
  • Full‐scale shake‐table tests on two unreinforced masonry cavity‐wall buildings: effect of an innovative timber retrofit

    Marco Miglietta, Nicolò Damiani, Gabriele Guerrini & Francesco Graziotti
  • Nonlinear static characterisation of masonry-infilled RC building portfolios accounting for variability of infill properties

    G. Mucedero, D. Perrone & R. Monteiro
  • Required time gap between mainshock and aftershock for dynamic analysis of structures

    Roohollah M. Pirooz, Soheila Habashi & Ali Massumi
  • Empirical fragility curves of engineered steel and RC residential buildings after Mw 7.3 2017 Sarpol-e-zahab earthquake

    Mahnoosh Biglari, Antonio Formisano & Behrokh Hosseini Hashemi
  • Inelastic response of cable-stayed bridges subjected to non-uniform motions

    Eleftheria Efthymiou & Alfredo Camara
  • Performance-based seismic design of multi-story CBFs equipped with SMA-friction damping braces

    Canxing Qiu & Xiuli Du