Volume 19 Number 12

  • Quality assessment for site characterization at seismic stations

    Giuseppe Di Giulio, Giovanna Cultrera, Cécile Cornou, Pierre-Yves Bard & Bilal Al Tfaily
  • Spatial correlation of broadband earthquake ground motion in Norcia (Central Italy) from physics-based simulations

    Erika Schiappapietra & Chiara Smerzini
  • ECLiq: European interactive catalogue of earthquake-induced soil liquefaction phenomena

    Francesca Bozzoni, Alessio Cantoni, Mauro C. De Marco & Carlo G. Lai
  • The 30 October 2020, M7.0 Samos Island (Eastern Aegean Sea) Earthquake: effects of source rupture, path and local-site conditions on the observed and simulated ground motions

    A. Akinci, D. Cheloni & A. A. Dindar
  • Amplification features and observed damages in ─░zmir (Turkey) due to 2020 Samos (Aegean Sea) earthquake: identifying basin effects and design requirements

    Konstantia Makra, Emmanouil Rovithis, Evi Riga, Dimitrios Raptakis & Kyriazis Pitilakis
  • Numerical modeling of the interaction of normal fault and shallow embedded foundation

    Mehdi Ashtiani, Mohammadreza Jahanshahi Nowkandeh & Amirmohammad Kayhani
  • Rupture parameter sensitivity of low frequency ground motion response spectra using synthetic scenarios in North Chile

    Catalina Fortuño, Juan Carlos de la Llera, Gabriel González, Juan González & Paula Aguirre
  • Predicting approximate seismic responses in multistory buildings from real-time earthquake source information, for earthquake early warning applications

    Gemma Cremen, Omar Velazquez, Benazir Orihuela & Carmine Galasso
  • Investigation of the seismic behaviour of masonry infilled self-centring beam moment frames using a new infill material model

    Xiaogang Huang, Zhen Zhou & Yuhang Wang
  • A novel precast concrete beam-to-column connection with replaceable energy-dissipation connector: Experimental investigation and theoretical analysis

    Chao Tong, Jing Wu & Chunyu Li
  • On the potential of using the Mexican National Catalogue of Historical Monuments for assessing the seismic vulnerability of existing buildings: a proof-of-concept study

    Rafael Ramírez Eudave & Tiago Miguel Ferreira
  • Fragility curves for Italian URM buildings based on a hybrid method

    A. Sandoli, G. P. Lignola, B. Calderoni & A. Prota
  • Multi-level performance-based design optimisation of steel frames with nonlinear viscous dampers

    Dario De Domenico & Iman Hajirasouliha
  • CSMM based seismic fragility analysis of shear dominant RC hollow rectangular bridge piers

    Vijay Kumar Polimeru & Arghadeep Laskar
  • Seismic assessment of RC structures having shape memory alloys rebar and strengthened using CFRP sheets in terms of fragility curves

    A. Hojatirad & H. Naderpour
  • Energy-based seismic design for self-centering concrete frames

    Ge Song, T. Y. Yang & Ying Zhou
  • Seismic performance of RC frames with different column-to-beam flexural strength ratios under the excitation of pulse-like and non-pulse-like ground motion

    Zhanxuan Zuo, Maosheng Gong, Jing Sun & Hao Zhang
  • Displacement-based design of precast hinged portal frames with additional dissipating devices at beam-to-column joints

    Andrea Belleri & Simone Labò
  • Seismic behavior of precast reinforced concrete column-to-foundation grouted duct connections

    Lorenzo Hofer, Mariano Angelo Zanini, Flora Faleschini, Klajdi Toska & Carlo Pellegrino
  • Cyclic engagement of hysteretic steel dampers in braced buildings: a parametric investigation

    Emanuele Gandelli, Dario De Domenico & Virginio Quaglini
  • Development of exposure datasets for earthquake damage and risk modelling: the case study of northern Algeria

    Smail Kechidi, José Miguel Castro, Ricardo Monteiro, Mário Marques, Karim Yelles, Nouredine Bourahla & Mohamed Hamdache
  • Analytical model for response spectral ratio considering the effect of earthquake scenarios

    Haizhong Zhang & Yan-Gang Zhao
  • A new method for earthquake-induced damage identification in historic masonry towers combining OMA and IDA

    Alban Kita, Nicola Cavalagli, Ilaria Venanzi & Filippo Ubertini
  • Improvement of seismic performance of precast frames with cladding panels fastened by energy dissipative steel cushions

    Hasan Özkaynak, Arastoo Khajehdehi, Ercan Yüksel & Faruk Karado─čan