Volume 19 Number 15 Special Issue on Recent Advances in Seismic Fragility and Vulnerability

  • Preface to the Special Issue: The evolution of fragility and vulnerability. The origin story of a preface

    Vitor Silva, Paolo Bazzurro & Dimitrios Vamvatsikos
  • Are seismic losses affected by the angle of seismic incidence?

    Despoina Skoulidou & Xavier Romão
  • Accounting for directivity-induced pulse-like ground motions in building portfolio loss assessment

    Roberto Gentile & Carmine Galasso
  • Effects of ground-motion sequences on fragility and vulnerability of case-study reinforced concrete frames

    Karim Aljawhari, Roberto Gentile, Fabio Freddi & Carmine Galasso
  • Record-to-record variability and code-compatible seismic safety-checking with limited number of records

    Fatemeh Jalayer, Hossein Ebrahimian & Andrea Miano
  • Mixed probabilistic seismic demand models for fragility assessment

    Akrivi Chatzidaki & Dimitrios Vamvatsikos
  • Large-scale seismic risk assessment integrating nonlinear soil behavior and soil–structure interaction effects

    Christos Petridis & Dimitris Pitilakis
  • Fragility curves of non-ductile RC frame buildings on saturated soils including liquefaction effects and soil–structure interaction

    Stella Karafagka, Stavroula Fotopoulou & Dimitris Pitilakis
  • Component response metrics for indication of global collapse

    Dustin T. Cook & Abbie B. Liel
  • Explicit modelling of collapse for Dutch unreinforced masonry building typology fragility functions

    Damian N. Grant, Jamie Dennis, Richard Sturt, Giovanni Milan, David McLennan, Pedro Negrette, Rene da Costa & Michele Palmieri
  • Seismic fragility assessment for post-1977 high-rise reinforced concrete structures in Romania

    Florin Pavel, Radu Vacareanu & Alexandra Scupin
  • Seismic collapse risk of reinforced concrete tall buildings in Istanbul

    Omer Odabasi, Mohsen Kohrangi & Paolo Bazzurro
  • Seismic fragility functions for Portuguese RC precast buildings

    R. Sousa, N. Batalha, V. Silva & H. Rodrigues
  • Seismic capacity and vulnerability assessment considering ageing effects: case study—three local Portuguese RC buildings

    R. Couto, M. V. Requena-García-Cruz, R. Bento & A. Morales-Esteban
  • Hazard-consistent seismic losses and collapse capacities for light-frame wood buildings in California and Cascadia

    Robert E. Chase, Abbie B. Liel, Nicolas Luco & Zach Bullock
  • Comparative assessment of seismic collapse risk for non-ductile and ductile bridges: a case study in China

    Caigui Huang, Libo Chen, Leqia He & Weidong Zhuo
  • Life-cycle seismic damage identification and components damage sequences prediction for cable-stayed bridge based on fragility analyses

    Peiyao Fu, Xiaozhen Li, Lueqin Xu & Lifeng Xin
  • Seismic fragility assessment and maintenance management on regional bridges using bayesian multi-parameter estimation

    Xiaoming Lei, Limin Sun & Ye Xia
  • Development of a fragility and vulnerability model for global seismic risk analyses

    Luís Martins & Vítor Silva
  • Correction to: Seismic fragility functions for Portuguese RC precast buildings

    R. Sousa, N. Batalha, V. Silva & H. Rodrigues