Volume 20 Number 2

  • The 2020 national seismic hazard model for the United Kingdom

    I. Mosca, S. Sargeant, B. Baptie, R. M. W. Musson & T. C. Pharaoh
  • Investigation of topographic site effects using 3D waveform modelling: amplification, polarization and torsional motions in the case study of Arquata del Tronto (Italy)

    Julie Baron, Ilaria Primofiore, Peter Klin, Giovanna Vessia & Giovanna Laurenzano
  • A regionally adaptable ground-motion model for fourier amplitude spectra of shallow crustal earthquakes in Europe

    Sreeram Reddy Kotha, Dino Bindi & Fabrice Cotton
  • Addressing the epistemic uncertainty in seismic hazard analysis as a basis for seismic design by emphasizing the knowledge aspects and utilizing imprecise probabilities

    Babak Ghods & Fayaz R. Rofooei
  • Modal-based ground motion selection procedure for nonlinear response time history analysis of dual wall-frame structures

    Yang Liu, Qunxian Huang, Yang Liu, Zixiong Guo, Hao Kang & Xueying Wang
  • Reconnaissance analysis on buildings damaged during Durres earthquake Mw6.4, 26 November 2019, Albania: effects to non-structural elements

    V. Sheshov, R. Apostolska, Z. Bozinovski, M. Vitanova, B. Stojanoski, K. Edip, A. Bogdanovic, R. Salic, G. Jekic, T. Zafirov, A. Zlateski, G. Chapragoski, D. Tomic, A. Zurovski, J. Trajchevski & I. Markovski
  • The 30 October 2020, MW = 7.0, Samos earthquake: aftershock relocation, slip model, Coulomb stress evolution and estimation of shaking

    Konstantinos Lentas, Charikleia G. Gkarlaouni, Nikos Kalligeris & Nikolaos S. Melis
  • Seismic performance evaluation and risk assessment of typical reinforced concrete frame buildings with masonry infill and conventional vertical extension in Nepal

    Sujan Pradhan, Yuebing Li & Yasushi Sanada
  • Displacement-based seismic design of buildings with thin reinforced concrete structural walls with a single curtain of welded wire mesh

    Mario E. Rodriguez
  • Implications of inter-storey-isolation (ISI) on seismic fragility, loss and resilience of buildings subjected to near fault ground motions

    Arijit Saha & Sudib Kumar Mishra
  • Overturning of the façade in single-nave churches under seismic loading

    Gianmarco de Felice, Rebecca Fugger & Francesca Gobbin
  • Comparative analysis on macroscale material models for the prediction of masonry in-plane behavior

    Mattia Zizi, Corrado Chisari, Jafar Rouhi & Gianfranco De Matteis
  • A probabilistic model for the evaluation of strong column-weak beam provision for flexible-base buildings subjected to pulse-like ground motions

    Mohammad Ghorbanzadeh, Faramarz Khoshnoudian & Touraj Taghikhany
  • Estimation of constant-damage residual displacements in terms of maximum inelastic displacements for SDOF structures

    Bali Liu, Jinjun Hu & Lili Xie
  • Numerical modeling to predict seismic performance of the post-tensioned self-centering concrete shear walls

    Yang Liu & Wei Zhou
  • Seismic behavior of RC moment resisting structures with concrete shear wall under mainshock–aftershock seismic sequences

    Omid Karimzade Soureshjani & Ali Massumi
  • Effects of reinforcement ratio on seismic performance of hypothetical stations determined by full-scale central column tests

    Xuesong Cai, Chengyu Yang, Yong Yuan & Liming Jiang
  • Seismic loss assessment of seismically isolated buildings designed by the procedures of ASCE/SEI 7-16

    Shoma Kitayama & Huseyin Cilsalar
  • Seismic performance of innovative adaptive-slit composite structural walls with ultra-high axial compression ratio

    Minsheng Guan, Xinsen Zheng, Ying Wang, Qian Xiao, Zhichao Lai & Hongbiao Du
  • A probabilistic framework to make a decision on the post-earthquake functionality of bridges considering the damage, residual displacement, and aftershock

    Sepideh Akbari & Mohammad Khanmohammadi
  • Evaluation of pounding effects between reinforced concrete frames subjected to far-field earthquakes in terms of damage index

    S. H. Hosseini, H. Naderpour, R. Vahdani & R. Jankowski
  • Structural performance of automated multi-depth shuttle warehouses (AMSWs) under low-to-moderate seismic actions

    Aleksei Kondratenko, Alper Kanyilmaz, Carlo Andrea Castiglioni, Francesco Morelli & Mohsen Kohrangi