Volume 20 Number 3

  • The December 9, 2020, Mw 5.5 Kudara earthquake (Middle Baikal, Russia): internet questionnaire hard test and macroseismic data analysis

    Yan B. Radziminovich, Nadezhda A. Gileva, Tsyren A. Tubanov, Olga F. Lukhneva, Anna V. Novopashina & Larisa R. Tcydypova
  • The older the better? The strange case of empirical ground motion models in the near-source of moderate-to-large magnitude earthquakes

    Roberto Paolucci, Angela Chiecchio & Manuela Vanini
  • Near-source magnitude scaling of spectral accelerations: analysis and update of Kotha et al. (2020) model

    Sreeram Reddy Kotha, Graeme Weatherill, Dino Bindi & Fabrice Cotton
  • Assessment of the design spectrum with aggravation factors by 2D nonlinear numerical analyses: a case study in the Gemlik Basin, Turkey

    B. Ozaslan, R. Iyisan, M. E. Hasal, H. Khanbabazadeh & H. Yamanaka
  • Performance assessment of composite skirted ground reinforcement system in liquefiable ground under repeated dynamic loading conditions

    S. P. Vijay Kumar, S. Ganesh Kumar & Saurabh Datta Gupta
  • Seismic site–city interaction analysis of super-tall buildings surrounding an underground station: a case study in Hong Kong

    Bence Kato & Gang Wang
  • A comparative study on seismic fragility analysis of RC frame structures with consideration of modeling uncertainty under far-field and near-field ground motion excitation

    Yantai Zhang, Xinyu Ouyang, Baoyin Sun, Yongan Shi & Zheng Wang
  • Influence of ground motion type on nonlinear seismic behaviour and fragility of corrosion-damaged reinforced concrete bridge piers

    Ebrahim Afsar Dizaj & Mohammad M. Kashani
  • Calculating earthquake damage building by building: the case of the city of Cologne, Germany

    Cecilia I. Nievas, Marco Pilz, Karsten Prehn, Danijel Schorlemmer, Graeme Weatherill & Fabrice Cotton
  • Seismic resilience assessment of low- and medium-rise existing eccentrically braced steel frames in Mexico City

    Jorge Ruiz-García, Mauricio Eguía, José M. Ramos-Cruz & Edén Bojórquez
  • Stability of wide-flange columns in steel moment-resisting frames: evaluation of the Canadian seismic design requirements

    Abrar Islam & Ali Imanpour
  • Deformation capacity evaluation for flat slab seismic design

    A. Muttoni, D. Coronelli, M. Lamperti Tornaghi, L. Martinelli, I. R. Pascu, A. Pinho Ramos, G. Tsionis, P. Bamonte, B. Isufi & A. Setiawan
  • In-plane capacity of existing post-WWII beam-and-clay block floor systems

    Alessandra Marini, Andrea Belleri, Chiara Passoni, Francesca Feroldi & Ezio Giuriani
  • Fragility based evaluation of different code based assessment approaches for the performance estimation of existing buildings

    Cigdem Cirak Karakas, Mehmet Palanci & Sevket Murat Senel
  • An online platform for bridge-specific fragility analysis of as-built and retrofitted bridges

    Sotiria P. Stefanidou, Elias A. Paraskevopoulos, Vassilis K. Papanikolaou & Andreas J. Kappos
  • Seismic response of a small-scale masonry groin vault: experimental investigation by performing quasi-static and shake table tests

    N. Bianchini, N. Mendes, C. Calderini, P. X. Candeias, M. Rossi & P. B. Lourenço
  • Direct displacement-based seismic design of buckling-restrained braced RC frames

    Sina Farahani & Amir H. Akhaveissy
  • Modeling of nonlinear viscous damper response for analysis and design of earthquake-resistant building structures

    Baiping Dong, Richard Sause & James M. Ricles
  • Seismic performance of prefabricated beam-to-column joint with replaceable energy-dissipating steel hinge

    Lian-Qiong Zheng, Xiao-Yang Chen, Chang-Gui Wei & Gui-Yun Yan