Volume 21 Number 2

  • Modelling site response at regional scale for the 2020 European Seismic Risk Model (ESRM20)

    Graeme Weatherill, Helen Crowley, Agathe Roullé, Bruno Tourlière, Anne Lemoine, Cécile Gracianne, Sreeram Reddy Kotha & Fabrice Cotton
  • A backbone seismic ground motion model for strike-slip earthquakes in Southwest Iceland and its implications for near- and far-field PSHA

    Milad Kowsari, Saeid Ghasemi, Farnaz Bayat & Benedikt Halldorsson
  • New seismic exposure modeling approach for Guatemala City

    L. D. Dávila, J. M. Cabrero & O. Flores
  • Liquefaction resistance of TP-Lisbon sand: a critical state interpretation using in situ and laboratory testing

    António Viana da Fonseca, Fausto Molina-Gómez & Cristiana Ferreira
  • Small-strain behavior and post-cyclic characteristics of low plasticity silts

    Irem Bozyigit & Selim Altun
  • Improving the computational efficiency of seismic building-performance assessment through reduced order modeling and multi-fidelity Monte Carlo techniques

    D. Patsialis, A. A. Taflanidis & D. Vamvatsikos
  • Post-earthquake damage classification and assessment: case study of the residential buildings after the Mw = 5 earthquake in Mila city, Northeast Algeria on August 7, 2020

    Hamidatou Mouloud, Amar Chaker, Hallal Nassim, Saad Lebdioui, Hugo Rodrigues & Matthew R. Agius
  • Experimental response of a substandard RC frame building retrofitted with GFRP sheets and slab-weakening subjected to earthquake motions

    Patricio Quintana Gallo, Umut Akguzel, Athol J. Carr & Stefano Pampanin
  • Constant ductility inelastic displacement ratio spectra of shape memory alloy-friction self-centering structures based on a hybrid model

    Zhenhua Zhang, Hu Shen & Qinting Wang
  • Seismic risk assessment of masonry-infilled RC building portfolios: impact of variability in the infill properties

    G. Mucedero, D. Perrone & R. Monteiro
  • Design approach of shear strengthened masonry: welded wire meshes, Reticulatus and cementitious plastering methods

    Julian Thamboo, Marco Corradi & Keerthan Poologanathan
  • Damage control of the masonry infills in RC frames under cyclic loads: a full-scale test study and numerical analyses

    Qiwang Su, Gaochuang Cai, Meree Hani, Amir Si Larbi & Konstantinos Daniel Tsavdaridis
  • Predictive hybrid fragility models for urban scale seismic assessment: a case study in Basilicata Region (Italy)

    A. Sandoli, G. Pacella, B. Calderoni, G. Brandonisio, G. P. Lignola & A. Prota
  • Correction to: “Predictive hybrid fragility models for urban scale seismic assessment: a case study in Basilicata Region (Italy)

    A. Sandoli, G. Pacella, B. Calderoni, G. Brandonisio, G. P. Lignola & A. Prota
  • On the seismic design and behavior of Automated Rack Supported Warehouses

    Agnese Natali, Francesco Morelli & Walter Salvatore
  • Seismic vulnerability of existing precast buildings with frictional beam-to-column connections, including treatment of epistemic uncertainty

    Francesco Cavalieri, Davide Bellotti & Roberto Nascimbene
  • A Bayesian-based inspection-monitoring data fusion approach for historical buildings and its post-earthquake application to a monumental masonry palace

    Laura Ierimonti, Nicola Cavalagli, Ilaria Venanzi, Enrique García-Macías & Filippo Ubertini
  • Response of soil–pile–superstructure–quay wall system to lateral displacement under horizontal and vertical earthquake excitations

    Ling-Yu Xu, Wei-Yun Chen, Fei Cai, Zhu Song, Jing-Min Pan & Guo-Xing Chen
  • Digital twin-based life-cycle seismic performance assessment of a long-span cable-stayed bridge

    Kaiqi Lin, You-Lin Xu, Xinzheng Lu, Zhongguo Guan & Jianzhong Li
  • Seismic fatality risk evaluation framework for existing buildings in Switzerland

    Safak Arslantürkoglu & Bozidar Stojadinovic
  • Evaluation of modeling strategies for gravity and lateral load analysis of confined masonry structures

    Bonisha Borah, Hemant B. Kaushik & Vaibhav Singhal
  • Dynamic and monotonic response of Monopile Foundations for Offshore wind turbines using centrifuge testing

    Juntae Seong, Christelle N. Abadie, Gopal S.P. Madabhushi & Stuart K. Haigh
  • Seismic behavior of prefabricated reinforced concrete stair isolated by high damping rubber bearings

    Chao Zhang, Chao Ding, Yun Zhou, Guangyu Wang, Fei Shi & Weiyuan Huang
  • Correction to: Methods for assessing the epistemic uncertainty captured in ground-motion models

    Guillermo Aldama-Bustos, John Douglas, Fleur O. Strasser, Manuela Daví & Alice MacGregor