Volume 21 Number 10

  • Strong ground motion from the seismic swarms preceding the 2021 and 2022 volcanic eruptions at Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

    Victor M. Hernández-Aguirre, Rajesh Rupakhety, Simon Ólafsson, Bjarni Bessason, Sigurður Erlingsson, Roberto Paolucci & Chiara Smerzini
  • Stochastic finite-fault modeling of Ms 6.8 Luding earthquake in 2022 and seismic hazard scenario of Moxi fault, southwestern China

    Tianjia Wang, Xu Xie, Yonggang Shen & Weipeng Weng
  • Characterizing site-specific ground motion at great depth in a low seismicity region: challenges and perspectives for a nuclear waste repository project

    Gabriele Ameri, David Baumont, Hussein Shible, Frederic Ego & Isabelle Contrucci
  • Large-scale shaking table test and three-dimensional numerical simulation research on earthquake seismic failure response of laterally spreading site-pile group-superstructure system

    Rujiang Pan, Chengshun Xu, Kemin Jia, Pengfei Dou & Iqbal Kamran
  • Fault displacement hazard estimation at lifeline–fault crossings: A simplified approach for engineering applications

    Vasileios E. Melissianos, Laurentiu Danciu, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos & Roberto Basili
  • An eco-sustainable innovative geotechnical technology for the structures seismic isolation, investigated by FEM parametric analyses

    Glenda Abate, Angela Fiamingo & Maria Rossella Massimino
  • Seismic fragility and post-earthquake reparability of concrete encased-and-filled steel tubular bridges columns with debonded high-strength reinforcements

    J. H. Wang, D. F. Du & C. Su
  • Empirical correlations of constant ductility seismic input and hysteretic energies with conventional intensity measures

    Serkan Hasanoğlu, Emrah Güllü & Ahmet Güllü
  • A risk-targeted approach for the seismic design of bridge piers

    Francesca Turchetti, Enrico Tubaldi, John Douglas, Mariano Angelo Zanini & Andrea Dall’Asta
  • Performance based probabilistic seismic risk assessment for urban heritage. An example in Pla del Remei Area (Valencia)

    Arianna Guardiola-Víllora, Sergio Molina & Dina D’Ayala
  • Damage accumulation modelling of two reinforced concrete buildings under seismic sequences

    Resat Oyguc, Gokce Tonuk, Evrim Oyguc & Doruk Ucak
  • Seismic performance assessment of mid-rise confined masonry buildings

    Eric Fernando Espinosa-Cazarín, Amador Terán-Gilmore & Edgar Tapia-Hernández
  • Shaking table test and numerical analyses of a full scale three-leaf masonry wall

    Francesco Di Michele, Enrico Spacone, Guido Camata, Giuseppe Brando, Anastasios Sextos, Adam Crewe, George Mylonakis, Matt Diez, Luiza Dihoru & Humberto Varum
  • Seismic performance and damage properties of flexure–shear critical RC columns with various loading cycles

    Qin Zhang, Ming-Hui Chen, Wen-Jie Li, Xiang-Lin Gu & Jin-Xin Gong
  • Correction to: SAP-sand mixtures as a geotechnical seismic isolation technology: from the dynamic characterization to a simple analytical design approach

    Fausto Somma & Alessandro Flora
  • Correction to: An interdisciplinary investigation of the seismic performance of a historic tower in Istanbul during the 1999 Kocaeli earthquake

    Fausto Somma, Gianpiero Lignola, Giancarlo Ramaglia, Luca de Sanctis, Maria Iovino, Sadik Oztoprak & Alessandro Flora