Volume 21 Number 11 Special Issue on Non-Ergodic Ground Motion Models and Hazard

  • Special issue of the bulletin of earthquake engineering on non-ergodic ground motion models

    Yousef Bozorgnia, Christine Goulet & Jorge Macedo
  • Overview and introduction to development of non-ergodic earthquake ground-motion models

    Grigorios Lavrentiadis, Norman A. Abrahamson, Kuehn M. Nicolas, Yousef Bozorgnia, Christine A. Goulet, Anže Babič, Jorge Macedo, Matjaž Dolšek, Nicholas Gregor, Albert R. Kottke, Maxime Lacour, Chenying Liu, Xiaofeng Meng, Van-Bang Phung, Chih-Hsuan Sung & Melanie Wallin
  • Lessons learned from applying varying coefficient model to controlled simulation datasets

    Xiaofeng Meng & Christine A. Goulet
  • Conditional ground-motion model based on RVT spectral moments for converting Fourier amplitude spectra to response spectra

    Van-Bang Phung & Norman A. Abrahamson
  • Efficient non-ergodic ground-motion prediction for large datasets

    Maxime Lacour
  • A non-ergodic effective amplitude ground-motion model for California

    Grigorios Lavrentiadis, Norman A. Abrahamson & Nicolas M. Kuehn
  • A non-ergodic spectral acceleration ground motion model for California developed with random vibration theory

    Grigorios Lavrentiadis & Norman A. Abrahamson
  • A non-ergodic ground-motion model of Fourier amplitude spectra for France

    Chih-Hsuan Sung, Norman A. Abrahamson, Nicolas M. Kuehn, Paola Traversa & Irmela Zentner
  • Spatial correlation of systematic effects of non-ergodic ground motion models in the Ridgecrest area

    Chenying Liu, Jorge Macedo & Nicolas Kuehn
  • Evaluating the performance of nonergodic ground motion models in the ridgecrest area

    Chenying Liu, Jorge Macedo & Albert R. Kottke