Volume 20 Number 8

  • Site specific probabilistic seismic hazard model for Isfahan, Iran: estimates and uncertainties

    Mohsen Kohrangi, Homayon Safaei, Laurentiu Danciu, Hossein Tajmir-Riahi, Rassoul Ajalloeian & Paolo Bazzurro
  • Liquefied sites of the 2012 Emilia earthquake: a comprehensive database of the geological and geotechnical features (Quaternary alluvial Po plain, Italy)

    L. Minarelli, S. Amoroso, R. Civico, P. M. De Martini, S. Lugli, L. Martelli, F. Molisso, K. M. Rollins, A. Salocchi, M. Stefani, G. Cultrera, G. Milana & D. Fontana
  • Seismic performance assessment of wall-type gravel and rubber drains in liquefaction mitigation of sands

    Araz Hasheminezhad, Roohollah Farzalizadeh, Hadi Rahimi & Hadi Bahadori
  • Effects of magnitude and distance on spectral and pseudospectral acceleration proximities for high damping ratio

    Haizhong Zhang & Yan-Gang Zhao
  • Seismic characterization of Iranian strong motion stations in Kermanshah province (Iran) using single-station Rayleigh wave ellipticity inversion of ambient noise measurements

    Iman Ashayeri, Mohammad Pourmohammad Shahvar & Amir Moghofeie
  • Optimization of the structural coupling between RC frames, CLT shear walls and asymmetric friction connections

    Angelo Aloisio, Matteo Pelliciari, Stefano Sirotti, Francesco Boggian & Roberto Tomasi
  • Compressive performance of circular hollow section brace with eccentrically installed rib-stiffened splice plates

    Hiroshi Tagawa, Makoto Akiyama & Xingchen Chen
  • Nonlinear numerical parametric study of the number and arrangement of dowels connecting the wall to the bounding frame for the seismic strengthening of RC frames with RC infill walls

    Elpida Georgiou, Nicholas Kyriakides & Christis Z. Chrysostomou
  • Rope mesh as a seismic reinforcement for two-storey adobe buildings

    Nicola Tarque, Marcial Blondet, Julio Vargas-Neumann & Ramiro Yallico-Luque
  • Extent and hierarchy of seismic induced inelastic demands in the substructure system of bridges on piled foundation crossing waterways

    H. W. S. Tawadros, M. M. N. Farag & S. S. F. Mehanny
  • Seismic behaviour of cross vaults with different brick pattern

    M. Alforno, F. Venuti, A. Monaco & C. Calderini
  • An improved capacity design procedure incorporating the effect of gap-opening on higher mode responses in rocking wall structures

    Muhammad Irshad Qureshi, Pennung Warnitchai, Tahir Mehmood, Sibghat Ullah Khan & Asif Iqbal
  • Shake table tests of concrete anchors for non-structural components including innovative and alternative anchorage detailing

    Jonathan Ciurlanti, Simona Bianchi, Andreas Pürgstaller, Patricio Quintana Gallo, Konrad Bergmeister & Stefano Pampanin
  • Rapid earthquake loss updating of spatially distributed systems via sampling-based bayesian inference

    Pierre Gehl, Rosemary Fayjaloun, Li Sun, Enrico Tubaldi, Caterina Negulescu, Ekin Özer & Dina D’Ayala
  • Flat slabs as primary seismic elements in second-generation Eurocode 8

    Michael N. Fardis
  • Performance of confined masonry buildings in November 2017, Sarpole Zahab earthquake (Mw = 7.3), Iran

    M. A. Najafgholipour, Mahmoud R. Maheri & M. Khajepour
  • Census-based typological usability fragility curves for Italian unreinforced masonry buildings

    Maria Zucconi, Marco Di Ludovico & Luigi Sorrentino
  • Seismic vulnerability of historic brick masonry buildings in Vienna

    Amel Karic, Josip Atalić & Andreas Kolbitsch
  • An empirical seismic vulnerability model

    A. Rosti, M. Rota & A. Penna
  • Effects of support conditions and arrangement of prestressed rocking columns on the displacement of concrete frames under dynamic loads

    Nahid Khodabakhshi & Alireza Khaloo
  • Experimental study of seismic torsional behavior of reinforced concrete walls

    Alperen Türkay & Fatih Altun
  • Suppression of the torsional irregularity of high-rise buildings using viscous wall dampers

    Abdullah Dilsiz & Ali Ruzi Özuygur
  • In-plane retrofitting of masonry structures by using GFRP strips in the bedjoints

    Elshan Ahani, Fathollah Osmanzadeh, Mir Naghi Mousavi & Behzad Rafezy