Volume 20 Number 15

  • CPT-based liquefaction resistance of clean and silty sands: a drainage conditions based approach

    Nurhan Ecemis, Mehmet Murat Monkul, Yunus Emre Tütüncü & Mustafa Sezer Arik
  • Correction to: CPT-based liquefaction resistance of clean and silty sands: A drainage conditions based approach

    Nurhan Ecemis, Mehmet Murat Monkul, Yunus Emre Tütüncü & Mustafa Sezer Arik
  • Loss of support assessment for precast portal frames with friction connections and masonry infills

    Simone Labò, Marius Eteme Minkada, Alessandra Marini & Andrea Belleri
  • Development of frequency-content based framework to extract fragility curves using real ground motion records

    Saman Yaghmaei-Sabegh & Shabnam Neekmanesh
  • Damage assessment in single-nave churches and analysis of the most recurring mechanisms after the 2016–2017 central Italy earthquakes

    F. Ceroni, C. Casapulla, E. Cescatti, V. Follador, A. Prota & F. da Porto
  • Appraisal of seismic design methodologies for suspended non-structural elements in Europe

    Roberto J. Merino, Daniele Perrone & Andre Filiatrault
  • Empirical models for the nonlinear rocking response of shallow foundations

    Sara Hamidpour, Hamzeh Shakib, Roberto Paolucci, António A. Correia & Masoud Soltani
  • Regional-scale stochastic nonlinear seismic time history analysis of RC frame structures

    Mengjie Xiang, Jun Chen, Jiaxu Shen & Zetao Wang
  • Vulnerability assessment and collapse simulation of unreinforced masonry structures subjected to sequential ground motions

    Jiaxu Shen, Yongqun Zhang & Jun Chen
  • Analytical-mechanical based framework for seismic overall fragility analysis of existing RC buildings in town compartments

    Sergio Ruggieri, Mirko Calò, Angelo Cardellicchio & Giuseppina Uva
  • Enhancing displacement coefficient method for multi degree of freedom buildings (MDOF) considering nonlinear soil structure interaction

    Mohammad Khanmohammadi & Sina Sayadi
  • Seismic MainShock–AfterShock response assessment of reinforced concrete bridges pre-exposed to flood induced local scouring

    Muhamed Safeer Pandikkadavath, K. K. Jithiya, Praveen Nagarajan & Sujith Mangalathu
  • In-plane and out-of-plane model for retrofitted infill walls in reinforced concrete framed buildings

    Gianni Blasi, Daniele Perrone & Maria Antonietta Aiello
  • Parametric analyses of dynamic interaction between three-dimensional soil and frame structure group under earthquake loadings

    Jishuai Wang, Tong Guo, Yazhou Xie & Zhenyu Du
  • Out-of-plane shake table test of a rammed earth sub-assembly

    A. Romanazzi, D. V. Oliveira, R. A. Silva, P. X. Candeias, A. C. Costa & A. Carvalho
  • Peak drift ratio estimation for unreinforced masonry walls using visual features of damage

    Amir Hossein Asjodi & Kiarash M. Dolatshahi
  • A method for linear response analysis of long bridges under multi-support seismic excitation

    P. Parvanehro, M. R. Shiravand & M. Safi
  • Large-scale seismic damage scenario assessment of precast buildings after the May 2012 Emilia earthquake

    Lucia Praticò, Marco Bovo, Nicola Buratti & Marco Savoia
  • An expeditious tool for the vulnerability assessment of masonry structures in post-earthquake reconstruction

    Stefano De Santis