Volume 21 Number 5

  • CRISP: an archive for the site characterization of permanent Italian seismic stations

    A. Mercuri, G. Cultrera, L. Minarelli, M. Quintiliani, P. Bordoni, D. Famiani, P. Casale, M. Pischiutta, C. Ladina, F. Cara, G. Di Giulio, S. Pucillo, G. Tarabusi & INGV CRISP Working Group
  • Influence of local site effects on seismic risk maps and ranking of Italian municipalities

    Fabio Sabetta, Gabriele Fiorentino, Flavio Bocchi, Martina Sinibaldi, Gaetano Falcone & Amerigo Mendicelli
  • Effects of physical modeling boundary conditions on the responses of 3 × 3 pile groups to liquefaction induced lateral spreading

    S. Mohsen Haeri, Morteza Rajabigol, Saman Salaripour, Ali Kavand, Hiwa Sayyaf, Sina Afzalsoltani & Arian Asefzadeh
  • A simplified approach to account for through-soil interaction between two adjacent shallow foundations

    Enza Zeolla, Filomena de Silva & Stefania Sica
  • Selection and scaling of 3-component ground motion suite for scenario- and intensity-based assessment of buildings and structures

    Ravi Kanth Sriwastav & Dhiman Basu
  • The PoliTO–UniRoma1 database of cyclic and dynamic laboratory tests: assessment of empirical predictive models

    Andrea Ciancimino, Renato Maria Cosentini, Sebastiano Foti, Giuseppe Lanzo, Alessandro Pagliaroli & Oronzo Pallara
  • Experimental investigations of a new highly ductile hold-down with adaptive stiffness for timber seismic bracing walls

    K. Maître, P. Lestuzzi & M. Geiser
  • A novel wood-based hybrid system for seismic performance increase of mid-rise building structures

    Babak Atashfaraz, Farshad Taiyari, Hossein Hayati Raad & Antonio Formisano
  • Seismic assessment and finite element modeling of traditional vs innovative point fixed glass facade systems (PFGFS)

    Simone D’Amore, Simona Bianchi, Jonathan Ciurlanti & Stefano Pampanin
  • Rapid assessment method to assess vulnerability of structures using vulnerability index and disaster matrix

    Bin Liang, Jilin Hou & Zheng He
  • Raising the bar in seismic design: cost–benefit analysis of alternative design methodologies and earthquake-resistant technologies

    Jonathan Ciurlanti, Simona Bianchi & Stefano Pampanin
  • Shaking table test of steel truss frame focusing on acceleration and strain response for post-earthquake buckling evaluation

    Jun Iyama, Chih Chun Ou, Satoshi Yamada, Kazuki Chiba & Manabu Toyoshima
  • Experimental study of high-strength steel fiber concrete exterior beam-column joints with high-strength steel reinforcements

    Jianxin Zhang, Xiaoxue Zhao, Xian Rong & Yanyan Li
  • Pin-supported walls as seismic retrofit for existing RC frames: performance improvement through link removal

    Elena Casprini, Andrea Belleri, Alessandra Marini, Chiara Passoni & Simone Labò
  • Displacement incompatibility shape functions between masonry infill wall panels and reinforced concrete frames

    Livio Pedone & Stefano Pampanin
  • Fragility curves of masonry buildings in aggregate accounting for local mechanisms and site effects

    Michele Angiolilli, Andrea Brunelli & Serena Cattari
  • An interdisciplinary investigation of the seismic performance of a historic tower in Istanbul during the 1999 Kocaeli earthquake

    Fausto Somma, Gianpiero Lignola, Giancarlo Ramaglia, Luca de Sanctis, Maria Iovino, Sadik Oztoprak & Alessandro Flora
  • Effect of the axial force on shear and flexural strength of masonry spandrels

    A. Sandoli, B. Calderoni, G. P. Lignola & A. Prota
  • Investigation on the behavior factor of leaning masonry wall structures

    Youngjun Choi, Dawon Park, Sunwoo Kim & Jung-Wuk Hong
  • Global drift ratio limits for historical masonry mosques

    İrfan Kocaman & İlker Kazaz
  • Multi-objective optimization of the inter-story isolation system used as a structural TMD

    Enrico Bernardi, Marco Donà & Ping Tan
  • Shake table testing of a physical model of telecomunication tower

    Angela Poposka, Zoran Rakicevic, Aleksandra Bogdanovic, Filip Manojlovski & Antonio Shoklarovski
  • Correction to: Shake table testing of a physical model of telecomunication tower

    Angela Poposka, Zoran Rakicevic, Aleksandra Bogdanovic, Filip Manojlovski & Antonio Shoklarovski