Volume 17 Number 3

  • Uncertainty in intraevent spatial correlation of elastic pseudo-acceleration spectral ordinates

    Pablo Heresi, Eduardo Miranda
  • Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis of Iran using reliability methods

    Mojtaba Mahsuli, Hossein Rahimi, Ali Bakhshi
  • The peak over the design threshold in strong earthquakes

    Iunio Iervolino, Massimiliano Giorgio, Pasquale Cito
  • An accessible approach for the site response analysis of quasi-horizontal layered deposits

    Carolina Volpini, John Douglas
  • Implementing effects of site conditions in damage estimated at urban scale

    Hamza Dif, Djawad Zendagui, Pierre-Yves Bard
  • Preliminary data and field observations of the 21st August 2017 Ischia earthquake

    Bruno Briseghella, Cristoforo Demartino, Alessandra Fiore, Camillo Nuti, Concetta Sulpizio, Ivo Vanzi, Davide Lavorato, Gabriele Fiorentino
  • Probabilistic seismic vulnerability and loss assessment of the residential building stock in Costa Rica

    A. Calderon, V. Silva
  • Empirical drift-fragility functions and loss estimation for infills in reinforced concrete frames under seismic loading

    Carlo Del Gaudio, Maria Teresa De Risi, Paolo Ricci, Gerardo Mario Verderame
  • Structural reliability approach to analysis of probabilistic seismic hazard and its sensitivities

    Hossein Rahimi, Mojtaba Mahsuli
  • Application of Travelling Wave Method for dynamic analysis of plane frame structures

    N. Merve Çağlar, Erdal Şafak
  • Rapid seismic assessment of two four-storey R.C. test buildings

    Stylianos I. Pardalopoulos, Stavroula J. Pantazopoulou
  • Shear strength criteria for design of RC beam–column joints in building codes

    Kanak Parate, Ratnesh Kumar
  • Detailed evaluation of the ultimate flexural states of beams in unbonded precast prestressed concrete frames

    Kiwoong Jin, Sunghoon Song, Kazuhiro Kitayama, Linfei Hao
  • Numerical assessment of the dynamic response of a URM terraced house exposed to induced seismicity

    Stylianos Kallioras, Francesco Graziotti, Andrea Penna
  • Parametrical study of rubble stone masonry panels through numerical modelling of the in-plane behaviour

    Madalena Ponte, Jelena Milosevic, Rita Bento
  • Improving seismic behaviour of core walls of dual structural systems using multi-plastic hinges

    Mohammad Khanmohammadi, Nima Samadzadegan
  • Cumulative vulnerability assessment of highway bridges considering corrosion deterioration and repeated earthquake events

    Bhaskar Panchireddi, Jayadipta Ghosh
  • Seismic fragility and risk assessment of high-speed railway continuous-girder bridge under track constraint effect

    Shengai Cui, Chen Guo, Jiao Su, Enqi Cui, Pin Liu
  • Performance-based assessment of bridges with steel-SMA reinforced piers in a life-cycle context by numerical approach

    Yue Zheng, You Dong
  • Seismic behaviour of a traditional timber structure: shaking table tests, energy dissipation mechanism and damage assessment model

    Qifang Xie, Long Wang, Lipeng Zhang, Weibing Hu, Tiegang Zhou
  • Generation of synthetic accelerograms for telecommunications equipment: fragility assessment of a rolling isolation system

    Mohammad Hadikhan Tehrani, Philip Scott Harvey Jr
  • Seismic performance enhancement of high-voltage post insulators by a polyurethane spring isolation device

    Tansu Gökçe, Ercan Yüksel, Engin Orakdöğen
  • Acknowledgement of Reviewers for 2018