Volume 17 Number 4

  • REASSESS V2.0: software for single- and multi-site probabilistic seismic hazard analysis

    Eugenio Chioccarelli, Pasquale Cito, Iunio Iervolino, Massimiliano Giorgio
  • Development of a probabilistic earthquake loss model for Iran

    Hooman Motamed, Alejandro Calderon, Vitor Silva, Catarina Costa
  • Seismic parameter design assessment for the Kribi deep seaport in Cameroon

    D. Sandron, M. Santulin, A. Tamaro, C. Orci, G. Benedetti, S. Castellaro, R. Romeo, A. Rebez, S. Grimaz, P. Malisan, G. Guadagnini, F. Sciascia, D. Slejko
  • A probabilistic approach for seismic risk assessment based on vulnerability functions. Application to Barcelona

    Armando Aguilar-Meléndez, Luis G. Pujades, Alex H. Barbat, Mario G. Ordaz, Josep de la Puente, Nieves Lantada, Héctor E. Rodríguez-Lozoya
  • The effect of earthquake motion characteristics on potentially liquefiable pile-pinned sloping ground

    Kamran Panaghi, Ahmad Mahboubi, Abbas Mahdavian
  • Seismic behaviour of soft clay and its influence on the response of friction pile foundations

    Thejesh Kumar Garala, Gopal S. P. Madabhushi
  • Improving FEMA P-58 non-structural component fragility functions and loss predictions

    Gemma Cremen, Jack W. Baker
  • Correction to: Improving FEMA P-58 non-structural component fragility functions and loss predictions

    Gemma Cremen, Jack W. Baker
  • Evaluation of seismic vulnerability screening indices using data from the Taiwan Earthquake of 6 February 2016

    Aishwarya Y. Puranam, Ayhan Irfanoglu, Santiago Pujol, Tsung-Chih Chiou, Shyh-Jiann Hwang
  • Use of the model parameter sensitivity analysis for the probabilistic-based seismic assessment of existing buildings

    J. Haddad, S. Cattari, S. Lagomarsino
  • Typological study and statistical assessment of parameters influencing earthquake vulnerability of commercial RCFMI buildings in New Zealand

    Rijalul Fikri, Dmytro Dizhur, Jason Ingham
  • Multi-LOD seismic-damage simulation of urban buildings and case study in Beijing CBD

    Chen Xiong, Xinzheng Lu, Jin Huang, Hong Guan
  • Seismic collapse performance of Los Angeles soft, weak, and open-front wall line woodframe structures retrofitted using different procedures

    Henry Burton, Aryan Rezaei Rad, Zhengxiang Yi, Damian Gutierrez, Koyejo Ojuri
  • Estimating seismic demands of singly symmetric buildings by spectrum-based pushover analysis

    Yang Liu, J. S. Kuang
  • Capacity design of traditional and innovative ductile connections for earthquake-resistant CLT structures

    Davide Trutalli, Luca Marchi, Roberto Scotta, Luca Pozza
  • Constant yield displacement procedure for seismic evaluation of existing structures

    Anastasios Tsiavos, Božidar Stojadinović
  • Two-way bending out-of-plane collapse of a full-scale URM building tested on a shake table

    Umberto Tomassetti, António A. Correia, Paulo X. Candeias, Francesco Graziotti, Alfredo Campos Costa
  • Shake table tests on the two-storey dry-joint stone masonry structures reinforced with timber laces and steel wires

    Ming Wang, Kai Liu, Ramesh Guragain, Hima Shrestha, Xiaowei Ma
  • A novel macromodel for prediction of shear failure in columns of masonry infilled RC frames under earthquake loading

    Syed Humayun Basha, Hemant B. Kaushik
  • Bridge-specific fragility analysis: when is it really necessary?

    Sotiria P. Stefanidou, Andreas J. Kappos
  • Comparative study on seismic vulnerability of highway bridge with conventional and HyFRC piers

    Needhi Kotoky, Anjan Dutta, Sajal K. Deb
  • Is the use of traditional seismic strengthening strategies economically attractive in the renovation of urban cultural heritage assets in Portugal?

    Rui Maio, Tiago Miguel Ferreira, Romeu Vicente, Aníbal Costa