Volume 18 Number 8

  • Ground motion models for the new seismic hazard model of Italy (MPS19): selection for active shallow crustal regions and subduction zones

    Giovanni Lanzano, Lucia Luzi, Vera D’Amico, Francesca Pacor, Carlo Meletti, Warner Marzocchi, Renata Rotondi, Elisa Varini
  • Seismic soil–structure interaction analysis of structure with shallow foundation using response spectrum method

    Zhidong Gao, Mi Zhao, Xiuli Du, Xu Zhao
  • Modification of the data-driven period/height relationship for buildings located in seismic-prone regions such as Quito (Ecuador)

    Matthieu Perrault, Philippe Guéguen, Gastón Parra, Johanna Sarango
  • New insights from the Ölfus case study concerning the seismic performance of buried concrete wastewater pipes in the vicinity of a severe earthquake

    A. Sigfúsdóttir
  • Reliability-based seismic evaluation of buried pipelines subjected to earthquake-induced transient ground motions

    Vahid Jahangiri, Hamzeh Shakib
  • Vulnerability assessment of RC buildings to lateral spreading

    Fausto Somma, Maxim Millen, Emilio Bilotta, Alessandro Flora, Antonio Viana Da Fonseca
  • Experimental investigation of “dry” jointed precast concrete frame sub-assemblies with steel angle and tube connections

    P. K. Aninthaneni, R. P. Dhakal, J. Marshall, J. Bothara
  • The seismic behaviour of RC exterior shear walls used for strengthening of intact and damaged frames

    Hurmet Kucukgoncu, Fatih Altun
  • Definition of seismic performances and fragility curves of unanchored cylindrical steel legged tanks used in wine making and storage

    M. Bovo, A. Barbaresi, D. Torreggiani
  • A parametric study on out-of-plane instability of doubly reinforced structural walls. Part I: FEM predictions

    Farhad Dashti, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Stefano Pampanin
  • Performance-based damage evaluation of hybrid joints

    Ying Zhou, Ge Song, Wei Huang
  • Seismic performance of composite joints between prefabricated steel-reinforced concrete columns and steel beams: experimental study

    Chenglong Wu, Jiming Liu, Wei Shi
  • Experiments on cyclic performance of external diaphragm joints between CFDST columns and steel beams

    Yufen Zhang, Hongxin Jia, Yanyan Li, Krushar Demoha
  • 2015 Nepal earthquake: seismic performance and post-earthquake reconstruction of stone in mud mortar masonry buildings

    Rohit Kumar Adhikari, Dina D’Ayala
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment of masonry buildings in Banja Luka and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) using the macroseismic model

    Naida Ademović, Marijana Hadzima-Nyarko, Nermina Zagora
  • ANUB-Aggregates: a fully automatic NURBS-based software for advanced local failure analyses of historical masonry aggregates

    Nicola Grillanda, Marco Valente, Gabriele Milani
  • Experimental investigation of the in-plane cyclic behaviour of calcium silicate brick masonry walls

    F. Messali, R. Esposito, G. J. P. Ravenshorst, J. G. Rots
  • Enhance seismic performance of self-centering concentrically braced frames by using hybrid systems

    Canxing Qiu, Songye Zhu
  • Activation control extension of a design method of fluid viscous dissipative bracing systems

    Gloria Terenzi, Iacopo Costoli, Stefano Sorace
  • An improved response surface method for fragility analysis of base-isolated structures considering the correlation of seismic demands on structural components

    Yan Xiao, Kun Ye, Wenfu He