Volume 19 Number 2

  • Analytical investigation of the seismic response of elastic oscillators placed on the top of rocking storey

    Kosmas E. Bantilas, Ioannis E. Kavvadias & Lazaros K. Vasiliadis
  • Practical performance-based design of friction pendulum bearings for a seismically isolated steel top story spanning two RC towers

    A. K. Kazantzi & D. Vamvatsikos
  • Displacement-based assessment of the Gazi Hasan Pasha mosque in Kos island (GR) under the 2017 M6.6 earthquake and Eurocode 8, with proposals for upgrading

    Fillitsa V. Karantoni & Dionysia Dimakopoulou
  • Numerical simulation of the seismic response and soil–structure interaction for a monitored masonry school building damaged by the 2016 Central Italy earthquake

    A. Brunelli, F. de Silva, A. Piro, F. Parisi, S. Sica, F. Silvestri & S. Cattari
  • Seismic response of a masonry church in Central Italy: the role of interventions on the roof

    Gessica Sferrazza Papa, Vito Tateo, Maria Adelaide Parisi & Siro Casolo
  • Analytical fragility curves for masonry school building portfolios in Nepal

    Nicola Giordano, Flavia De Luca & Anastasios Sextos
  • Risk assessment of confined unreinforced masonry buildings based on FEMA P-58 methodology: a case study—school buildings in Tehran

    Mohammad Yekrangnia, Ali Bakhshi, Mohammad Ali Ghannad & Mahdi Panahi
  • A retrofitting technique using steel grids for existing masonry panels: a numerical and analytical study

    Mattia Zizi, Francesco Campitiello & Gianfranco De Matteis
  • A procedure for the seismic risk assessment of the cultural heritage

    Mariella Diaferio, Dora Foti, Maria F. Sabbà & Michela Lerna
  • Integrating expected loss and collapse risk in performance-based seismic design of structures

    Davit Shahnazaryan & Gerard J. O’Reilly
  • Ramifications of blind adoption of load and resistance factors in building codes: reliability-based assessment

    Soheil Mahmoudkalayeh & Mojtaba Mahsuli
  • Experimental and numerical assessment of suspended ceiling joints

    Laura Fiorin, Sara Brandolese & Roberto Scotta
  • Shear strength model for RC joints, consistent with the shear design rules for prismatic members in the second-generation Eurocodes x

    Shear strength model for RC joints, consistent with the shear design rules for prismatic members in the second-generation Eurocodes Michael N. Fardis
  • Shaking table test for externally-hung self-centering rocking wall structure

    Xiangmin Li, Fuwen Zhang, Kun Tian, Zhuolin Wang, Lu Jiang & Jinzhi Dong
  • Seismic reliability analysis of steel moment-resisting frames retrofitted by vertical link elements using combined series–parallel system approach

    Vahid Mohsenian, Iman Hajirasouliha & Reza Filizadeh
  • Optimization of relative-span ratio in rocking steel braced dual-frames

    Sobhan Ghasemi, Maryam F. Nezamabadi, Abdolreza S. Moghadam & Mahmood Hosseini
  • Effect of spatial variability of seismic strong motions on long regular and irregular slab-girder RC bridges

    Vítor T. Camacho, Luís Guerreiro, Carlos S. Oliveira & Mário Lopes
  • Assessment of lumped particles effect on dynamic behaviour of fine and medium grained sands

    Angshuman Das, Pradipta Chakrabortty & Radu Popescu
  • Verification of seismic risk models using observed damages from past earthquake events

    Evi Riga, Anna Karatzetzou, Stefania Apostolaki, Helen Crowley & Kyriazis Pitilakis
  • Investigation of damage to the water network of Uki City from the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake: derivation of damage functions and construction of infrastructure loss scenarios

    Pierre Gehl, Shinichi Matsushima & Shunsuke Masuda
  • 24 January 2020 Sivrice-Elazığ, Turkey earthquake: geotechnical evaluation and performance of structures

    Erkut Sayın, Burak Yön, Onur Onat, Mesut Gör, Mehmet Emin Öncü, Esra Tuğrul Tunç, Dursun Bakır, Muhammet Karaton & Yusuf Calayır
  • Micro-seismic hazard assessment of Ahmedabad city, Gujarat (Western India) through near-surface characterization/soil modeling

    Kapil Mohan, Shruti Dugar, Vasu Pancholi, Vinay Dwivedi, Sumer Chopra & B. Sairam
  • Seismic microzonation of Sarpol-e-zahab after Mw 7.3 2017 Iran earthquake: 1D-equivalent linear approach

    Iman Ashayeri, Mohammad Amin Memari & Ebrahim Haghshenas
  • Regional broad-band ground-shaking modelling over extended and thick sedimentary basins: an example from the Lower Rhine Embayment (Germany)

    Marco Pilz, Fabrice Cotton, Hoby Njara Tendrisoa Razafindrakoto, Graeme Weatherill & Thomas Spies