Volume 19 Number 3

  • Structural seismic damage and loss assessments using a multi-conditioning ground motion selection approach based on an efficient sampling technique

    Abdoul R. Ghotbi & Ertugrul Taciroglu
  • Analysis of the risk-targeting approach to defining ground motion for seismic design: a case study of Iran

    Amir Reza Taherian & Afshin Kalantari
  • Seismic behaviour of masonry infilled hinged steel frames with openings: experimental and numerical studies

    Haoran Zuo, Weiping Zhang, Baotong Wang & Xianglin Gu
  • Seismic force-modification factors for mid-rise wood-frame buildings with shearwalls using wood screws

    Zhiyong Chen & Chun Ni
  • Estimation of the ductility and hysteretic energy demands for soil–structure systems

    Farshad Homaei
  • Two frugal options to assess class fragility and seismic safety for low-rise reinforced concrete school buildings in Southern Italy

    Sergio Ruggieri, Francesco Porco, Giuseppina Uva & Dimitrios Vamvatsikos
  • ROC analysis-based optimal design of a spatio-temporal online seismic monitoring system for precast industrial buildings

    Laura Ierimonti, Ilaria Venanzi & Filippo Ubertini
  • The 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence: linear and non-linear interpretation models for damage evolution in S. Agostino’s church in Amatrice

    M. Acito, M. S. Garofane, E. Magrinelli & G. Milani
  • Out-of-plane mechanism in the seismic risk of masonry façades

    Miguel A. Jaimes, Marcos M. Chávez, Fernando Peña & Adrián D. García-Soto
  • A novel all-steel buckling restrained brace for seismic drift mitigation of steel frames

    Nader Hoveidae & Saeed Radpour
  • Cracking in shear walls in seismic situation: experimental results and analytical predictions

    Philippe Bisch, Silvano Erlicher, Miquel Huguet & Gianluca Ruocci
  • Evaluating the ductility reduction factors of SDOF self-centering earthquake-resisting structural systems

    Hamdy Abou-Elfath, Mostafa Ramadan & Emad Elhout