Volume 19 Number 10 Special Issue on the H2020 European Project LiqueFACT

  • The H2020 European Project LiqueFACT

    Alain Pecker
  • Effects of seismic input, fine crust and existing structure on liquefaction from centrifuge model tests

    V. Fioravante, D. Giretti, S. Airoldi & J. Moglie
  • A field trial to test the efficiency of induced partial saturation and horizontal drains to mitigate the susceptibility of soils to liquefaction

    A. Flora, E. Bilotta, A. Chiaradonna, S. Lirer, L. Mele & L. Pingue
  • A robust empirical model to estimate earthquake-induced excess pore water pressure in saturated and non-saturated soils

    Lucia Mele, Anna Chiaradonna, Stefania Lirer & Alessandro Flora
  • Numerical modelling of the effect of horizontal drains in centrifuge tests on soil-structure interaction in liquefiable soils

    Gianluca Fasano, Valeria Nappa, Ali Güney Özcebe & Emilio Bilotta
  • A simplified vulnerability model for the extensive liquefaction risk assessment of buildings

    Luca Paolella, Rose Line Spacagna, Gabriele Chiaro & Giuseppe Modoni
  • Liquefaction fragility of sewer pipes derived from the case study of Urayasu (Japan)

    Anna Baris, Rose Line Spacagna, Luca Paolella, Junichi Koseki & Giuseppe Modoni
  • Site classification using equivalent soil profiles for building-liquefaction interaction

    Maxim Millen, Antonio Viana da Fonseca, Julieth Quintero, Cristiana Ferreira, Sadik Oztoprak, Cihan Oser, Ilknur Bozbey, Namik Aysal, Mirko Kosič & Janko Logar
  • Technical guidelines for the assessment of earthquake induced liquefaction hazard at urban scale

    C. G. Lai, F. Bozzoni, […]M. K. Kelesoglu
  • Megazonation of earthquake-induced soil liquefaction hazard in continental Europe

    F. Bozzoni, R. Bonì, D. Conca, C. G. Lai, E. Zuccolo & C. Meisina
  • A computational platform to assess liquefaction-induced loss at critical infrastructures scale

    A. Meslem, H. Iversen, K. Iranpour & D. Lang
  • Critical evaluation of the customisation process of the UNDRR disaster resilience scorecard for cities to earthquake-induced soil liquefaction disaster events

    Keith Jones, Federica Pascale, Nadeeshani Wanigarathna, Mariantonietta Morga & Sinan Sargin
  • Improving the resilience of existing built assets to earthquake induced liquefaction disaster events

    Keith G. Jones, Mariantonietta Morga, Nadeeshani Wanigarathna, Federica Pascale & Abdelghani Meslem