Volume 19 Number 14

  • haselREC: an automated open-source ground motion record selection and scaling tool

    Elisa Zuccolo, Gerard J. O’Reilly, Valerio Poggi & Ricardo Monteiro
  • Disaggregation of probabilistic seismic hazard and construction of conditional spectrum for China

    Kun Ji, Ruizhi Wen, Yefei Ren, Weiyi Wang & Lansheng Chen
  • Analyzing the effect of anisotropic spatial correlations of earthquake intensity measures on the result of seismic risk and resilience assessment of the portfolio of buildings and infrastructure systems

    Morteza Abbasnejadfard, Morteza Bastami, Afshin Fallah & Alireza Garakaninezhad
  • Impact of exposure spatial resolution on seismic loss estimates in regional portfolios

    Jamal Dabbeek, Helen Crowley, Vitor Silva, Graeme Weatherill, Nicole Paul & Cecilia I. Nievas
  • The effect of rupture directivity, distance and skew angle on the collapse fragilities of bridges

    Surendra Nadh Somala, K. S. K. Karthik Reddy & Sujith Mangalathu
  • Numerical assessment of a slender structure damaged during October 30, 2020, İzmir earthquake in Turkey

    Ali Demir & Taha Yasin Altıok
  • Fragility estimation for global building classes using analysis of the Cambridge earthquake damage database (CEQID)

    Robin Spence, Sandra Martínez-Cuevas & Hannah Baker
  • Seismic behavior of innovative hybrid CLT-steel shear wall for mid-rise buildings

    Tulio Carrero, Jairo Montaño, Sebastián Berwart, Hernán Santa María & Pablo Guindos
  • Shake-table response simulation of a URM building specimen using discrete micro-models with varying degrees of detail

    Mattia Calò, Daniele Malomo, Giammaria Gabbianelli & Rui Pinho
  • Damage assessment of Shuanghe Confucian temple after Changning earthquake mainshock and aftershocks series

    Wen Bai, Mohamed A. Moustafa, Junwu Dai, Yongqiang Yang, Ke Du & Xiangzhao Chen
  • Evaluation of timber floor in-plane retrofitting interventions on the seismic response of masonry structures by DEM analysis: a case study

    Alessandra Gubana & Massimo Melotto
  • Compliance-based estimation of seismic collapse risk of an existing reinforced concrete frame building

    Anastasios Tsiavos, Pascal Amrein, Nathan Bender & Bozidar Stojadinovic
  • Fragility functions for local failure mechanisms in unreinforced masonry buildings: a typological study in Ferrara, Italy

    Marco Nale, Fabio Minghini, Andrea Chiozzi & Antonio Tralli
  • Crack width-based fragility curves for repairability of substandard beam-column joints

    Özgür Yurdakul, Ciro Del Vecchio, Marco Di Ludovico, Ladislav Routil & Özgür Avşar
  • Empirical seismic vulnerability analysis of infrastructure systems in Nepal

    Dipendra Gautam & Rajesh Rupakhety
  • Numerical simulation of reinforced concrete shear walls using force-based fiber element method: effect of damping type and damping ratio

    Muhammet Karaton, Ömer Faruk Osmanlı & Mehmet Eren Gülşan
  • A novel data-driven force–displacement macro-model for nonlinear analysis of infilled frames: development, validation and reliability comparison

    Fabio Di Trapani
  • Resilience-based performance and design of SMA/sliding bearing isolation system for highway bridges

    Yutao Pang, Yixian Sun & Jian Zhong
  • Efficient design parameter selection for nonlinear bearings to achieve multi-objective optimization of seismic performance of girder bridges by utilizing the stochastic structural response of equivalent linear systems

    Xinhao He & Akira Igarashi
  • Development of distributed tunable friction pendulum system (DTFPS) for semi-active control of base-isolated buildings

    Yi Zeng, Peng Pan & Youming Guo